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  1. How to Maintain your Artificial Grass

    How to Maintain your Artificial Grass

    Thinking about replacing your lawn with artificial grass? Renowned for maintaining its authentic green appearance all year round, artificial grass is the perfect solution for a busy family home. With little work needed to keep it looking pristine, these helpful hints and tips will make sure you're using the best techniques for cleaning artificial grass.

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  2. 20 Simple Garden Tips for the Non-Gardener

    20 Simple Garden Tips for the Non-Gardener

    For some of us gardening is therapeutic; our very own safe haven to relax and enjoy the summer sun whilst tending to this seasons planters. For the rest of us we’d rather spend a sunny afternoon chasing the kids round the garden or playing tug of war with the dog. Regardless of your preference, no one wants to look out the kitchen window to a neglected, rundown garden. These top maintenance tips will help keep your garden looking perfect with minimal effort!

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  3. Fitting Artificial Grass to Concrete, Patio or Hard Surfaces

    Fitting Artificial Grass to Concrete, Patio or Hard Surfaces

    Artificial grass has evolved into more than your regular lawn replacement. The aesthetics of the grass together with modern advances in manufacturing make it a popular choice for decking, patio, concrete and roof coverings too. This helpful guide will assist you through the process of fitting artificial grass to concrete, patio, and hard surfaces.

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  4. Easy Guide to Joining Artificial Grass

     Joining Artificial Grass

    Have you decided to save money on fitting costs and put your trusty DIY skills to the test? Our

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  5. Royal Wedding Garden Party

    Royal Wedding Garden Party

    The royal wedding is just around the corner and the entire country is eagerly awaiting Megan Markle’s grand reveal in her, no doubt, amazing wedding gown. The first glimpse of the soon to be princess, as she steps out of her royal carriage will captivate not only the nation, but avid fans from across the world. The moment famed by Diana and Kate before her – we’re on the edge of our seats just thinking about it! But how will you be celebrating?

    A huge garden party with family and friends Suits the occasion perfectly – don’t you think?


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  6. What can you do with left over Artificial Grass?

    What can you do with left over Artificial Grass?

    Have you recently had your garden transformed with one of our beautiful artificial grass ranges and got surplus grass left over? Not sure what to do with it? Take a peek at some of these unique artificial grass creations for inspiration:

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  7. Fitting Artificial Grass Professionally

    Fitting Artificial Grass Professionally

    When it comes to fitting artificial grass you are faced with two choices. You can grab the gardening gloves and give it a go yourself or source a local professional to fit on your behalf. Whilst a self-install can look amazing, a professional landscaper guarantees premium quality materials, highest possible standards and an impeccable finish.

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