Is Laying Artificial Grass Turf Pet Friendly?

How to get rid of the smell of dog urine from Artificial Grass

Installing artificial grass in a pet owners’ home is slightly different to a regular household. Whilst the majority of artificial grass ranges contain sufficient drainage systems to deal with pet urine, excessive toiletry use may cause a lingering odour.

There are certain precautions you can take to ensure your fake grass doesn’t become a hoarder of bad smells. Urine certainly is not this years must have summer fragrance so you may want to read on for some top tips to keep your grass smelling clean and fresh.

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Case Study: Ultra Lawn NE Installing our Hollywood Artificial Grass Range

When it comes to installing artificial grass you are faced with two choices. You can leave it to the professionals and get in touch with a trusted landscaper or rely on your faithful DIY skills and give it a go yourself. Our handy installation guide will assist you through the process however not everyone is confident enough to don the gardening gloves and give it a go.

Our recent customer Ross, opted for the professional finish. His work commitments meant he didn’t have the time to spend gardening. After ordering his free samples and narrowing his selection down, he decided to go with the beautiful Hollywood range.

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