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  1. Looking for an Artificial Grass Fitter?

    Looking for an Artificial Grass Fitter?

    Fitting artificial grass can be a rewarding task when done by yourself. However, if you want to save time and guarantee professional results, you might want to leave it to the artificial grass fitters.

    The team here at Grass Direct have put together this handy guide for finding a professional artificial grass fitter. Which will not only help make sure you pick the right guys for the job, but make sure you’re getting the best price too!

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  2. The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Artificial Grass

    Artificial Grass Cleaning

    Cleaning artificial grass can be something that a lot of people forget about, once it's been installed. To prevent this, we have put together a collection of things that need to be considered when cleaning fake grass. We will go over the topics of how to clean fake grass, artificial grass maintenance, and what tools to use to keep the process effortless. We’ll also look into the best practice for looking after your turf for pet owners, as well as treating weeds in fake grass, too. 

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