Artificial Grass Ideas

Artificial grass is a great way to transform your garden, but it can be hard to know where to start. There are so many ideas and designs. What materials do you need to use? The cost of having artificial grass is much more affordable than you might think, but what should you consider when making your decision? Here are some ideas for you to consider when thinking about having artificial grass in your home.

  1. What Goes Under Artificial Grass?

    What Goes Under Artificial Grass?

    Installing artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular in busy family homes. One of the main reasons for this is that artificial grass can be placed practically anywhere, making it extremely versatile. However, this begs the question 'what goes under artificial grass?'. Of course, each area of the home has different requirements when it comes to what goes under artificial grass.


    There are a number of products and methods that you can use in order to get the best results. You may use artificial grass underlay if laying onto a harder surface such as concrete or decking. Sharp sand paired with a weed membrane is the perfect combination when laying in your garden.

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  2. Artificial Grass for Decking

    Artificial Grass for Decking

    Everyone knows that you can fit artificial grass on dirt and concrete, however, you may be surprised to know that you can fit your turf on decking. Once the feature piece of a garden, decking has slowly but surely shown itself as another garden chore to keep up with. Ongoing maintenance includes cleaning, re-oiling, and wood treatments as well contending with slippery decking in the winter months.

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  3. Looking for an Artificial Grass Fitter?

    Looking for an Artificial Grass Fitter?

    Fitting artificial grass can be a rewarding task when done by yourself. However, if you want to save time and guarantee professional results, you might want to leave it to the artificial grass fitters.

    The team here at Grass Direct have put together this handy guide for finding a professional artificial grass fitter. Which will not only help make sure you pick the right guys for the job, but make sure you’re getting the best price too!

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  4. The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Artificial Grass

    Artificial Grass Cleaning

    Cleaning artificial grass can be something that a lot of people forget about, once it's been installed. To prevent this, we have put together a collection of things that need to be considered when cleaning fake grass. We will go over the topics of how to clean fake grass, artificial grass maintenance, and what tools to use to keep the process effortless. We’ll also look into the best practice for looking after your turf for pet owners, as well as treating weeds in fake grass, too. 

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  5. Saving Money on Artificial Grass

    Saving Money on Artificial Grass

    Saving money on artificial grass is the top of many people's agendas. From choosing the right range to negotiating installation costs, there's a lot to think about. In this blog, we will run over the basics of:

    • The initial cost of artificial grass
    • Price of installation
    • Maintenance costs

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  6. UK Suppliers of Artificial Grass

    UK Suppliers of Artificial Grass

    Looking for a UK supplier of artificial grass? Look no further than Grass Direct! Our team of UK based artificial grass experts scour the globe to bring you the highest quality artificial grass at unbeatable prices. We cut out the middlemen, enabling us to pass on huge savings direct to our customers both online and in-store.


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  7. Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Grass

    Why artificial grass is good

    There are lots of benefits of artificial grass, aside from the obvious aesthetics. Impressive warranties, quality manufacturing and environmental benefits have totally changed the perception of artificial grass; installing faith in it being a valuable, cost-effective alternative to natural turf. Now it wouldn’t be a fair assessment if we didn’t also consider the disadvantages of artificial grass. Although we love the stuff, there are a few areas we advise you look into before purchasing.


    Artificial grass offers a stream of benefits including: reduced water bills, reduced water usage, low maintenance, safe place for children to play, weather proof, and withholding its appearance all year round, to name a few. With the disadvantages of artificial grass being few and far between, including less time for gardening for those green thumbed enthusiasts, no real grass smell, and an initial cost that can creep up depending on the range. Though disadvantages are present, these are a fraction of the benefits offered by artificial grass.


    So without further ado let’s look at the pros and cons of artificial grass…

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  8. Sod Vs Artificial Grass

    Sod Vs Artificial Grass

    What is Sod? Sod is natural grass and soil held together by the roots. Referred to as turf, sod is used by the agricultural industry to repair or replace damaged grass. Sod is an offensive term used to describe someone who is unpleasant or difficult.

    We’ve all heard the word used in some context. But a lot of us will be more familiar with the later definition of sod, as opposed to its true meaning. Grown on specialist farms, sod is distributed in grass rolls. It is used as a treatment for natural lawns, golf courses and sports stadiums. So now we know what it is, we thought it would be a good idea to see how sod compares to artificial grass.

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  9. Artificial Grass for a New Build Home

    Artificial Grass for a New Build Home

    The team here at Grass Direct, love to see our customer installs. From full lawn transformations to decking and paving coverings. Seeing the end result and the difference our artificial grass has made to thousands of homes across the UK is priceless.

    The Standley family have been kind enough to share their beautiful garden with us and feature in our customer case study. Giving you a full insight into adding artificial grass to a new-build home, a true review of our Lisbon Artificial Grass range and rating their experience with Grass Direct.

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  10. Save Money on Gardening with Artificial Grass

    Save Money on Gardening with Artificial Grass

    Spring; the season most commonly associated with cleaning your home. Whether you’re deep cleaning your bathroom with Mrs Hinch’s latest tips or going for a full make-over of the living room. Spring tends to send us all home-crazy. However, there’s one area of the home which often gets overlooked - the garden.

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