Ultra Natural

Artificial Grass

£34.99 per m²
RRP: £44.99 per m²
  • 47 mm
  • 2800 gr/m²
  • Thickness
  • Grass Weight
  • Softness
  • Wear Rating

Ultra Natural has 8 different shades of green as well as a mix of yarn shapes and heights, making it the most realistic grass to date. If you’re looking to fool the neighbours and make them do a double take, look no further. This grass is in a class of its own with a five star softness rating and a four star wear rating. No matter your lifestyle, our Ultra Natural grass will be perfect for every occasion. You can’t go wrong with any of our grasses, but for realism and authenticity, this grass takes the biscuit. It isn’t as bright and vibrant as our other grasses, which gives it a truly natural finish. Order a sample today to experience our Ultra Natural grass first hand.

£34.99 per m²
RRP: £44.99 per m²
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ThicknessUltra Natural measures a luxurious 47mm in depth - a long, natural looking pile that has the appearance of real grass and a luxurious feel underfoot.
Elite UV ProtectionAll of the artificial grasses on our site have fantastic UV protection - they don't fade in suBOSght and stay green all year round.
Total Grass WeightUltra Natural comes with a solidly constructed woven backing, adding plenty to the overall weight and quality of the artificial grass.
Pet FriendlyOur artificial lawns are ideal for all pets and can be easily cleaned using a garden hose, warm water and mild detergent, or even with a good rainfall.
Extended WarrantyThis has a great 10 year warranty showing the huge confidence in the latest manufacturing techniques & quality materials used in production.
Quality ManufacturingWe work closely with the largest Grass Factories in the world to design and manufacture the best artificial grass available. We are constantly developing new yarns and technology to increase the realism, feel and resilience of the grass.
Yarn MaterialUltra Natural is made from 100% Polypropylene, giving the artificial grass a very hardwearing quality that is great for general use.
Yarn ColoursEight blends of colour are used in Ultra Natural, making it our most natural looking grass.
Yarn ShapeThis grass has various yarn shapes in it as well as colours and thicknesses, this gives it a much more realistic appearance
Durable BackingThe quality of the backing is extremely important as it will impact on the long-term appearance of your artificial grass.
Easy InstallationOur artificial grasses are simple to cut and install yourself, allowing you to save extra whilst still creating the perfect results!
No Muddy FootprintsWave goodbye to muddy footprints spoiling your flooring, there's no mess to be had with artificial grass flooring.
Easy Installation
  • Step 1

    Remove any plants and create a hardcore (stone) or sand sub base

  • Step 2

    Level and lightly compact the sub base and, optionally, lay a Weed Suppressant Membrane

  • Step 3

    Lay out the grass roll(s) starting from a corner of the area you're covering

  • Step 4

    Trim any excess artificial grass that isn't within your desired area

  • Step 5

    Fold over any neighbouring edges between cuts and lay your Fixing Tape so that it underlaps both

  • Step 6

    Evenly spread your Adhesive on the folds and the fixing tape

  • Step 7

    Fold the edges back over and allow the Adhesive to dry and bond naturally, fixing the grass together

  • Step 8

    Step on any seams and edges to further secure the grass, and ruffle the pile to mask any joins

  • Step 9

    Spread sand over your grass and brush it into the pile

  • Step 10

    Enjoy your new lawn!

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