Our Tree Planting Initiative

We are planting 1 tree for every 1 square meter of flooring sold. We are funding various projects both here in the UK and abroad to achieve this.

Our aim is to plant at least 20 million trees in the next 5 years.

Trees we've planted since August 2020

Project Kenya

We’ve partnered up with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant a minimum of 5 million trees in Kenya. This will allow for wildlife once again to flourish on the site as well as removing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.

Our planting site is near Mt Kenya at the Imenti Forest. It is an area that has been heavily logged in the past and will now be protected going forward. The initial project site stretches 2000 hectares and we are hoping to extend this as we grow. There is a nursery onsite where the trees are established and the project provides employment to many local people. The project is 100% funded by Flooring Superstore. We will be updating this page with more photos as the trees grow.

Project Highlands

We are funding a project with the Future Forest Company to plant 250,000 trees in the Scottish Highlands over the next 10 years.

It is important to us to fund projects here in the UK as well as abroad. This forest will be funded by Flooring Superstore and will be planted with native species that will benefit biodiversity, improve air quality and restore natural habitats. The main aim of the project is removing CO² from the atmosphere. The build-up of CO² from human activities means that our planet is heating up to a dangerous degree, whilst reducing emissions is vital it can’t be done quick enough. By actively removing CO² by reforestation and afforestation we can help fight climate change now as well as work on other initiatives to reduce emissions.

Project Madagascar

More than 90% of Madagascar’s original forests have been destroyed. By working with Eden Reforestation Projects we are hoping to play a small part in helping restore as much of this as possible. This project like the others is all about removing as much CO² as possible. Research shows that mangroves can sequester up to four times more carbon than rainforests and they play a vital role in the battle against climate change. This project will also provide stability against erosion, improve ocean and coral reef health and have a positive impact on the local community.

More details and pictures coming soon, first trees will be planted in 2021.