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Artificial Grass

How do I amend my order?

If you would like to amend your order e.g. change the product you have ordered or the amount, please contact our Customer Services. Please note that we are only able to amend orders up to 36 hours before delivery.

How do I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel your order please contact our Customer Services team. Please note that fees may apply to cancelled orders.

How do I place an order?

You can place an order by using either the website or contacting our Sales team.
To place an order online all you need to do is:
1. Find the product that you would like on the website
2. Enter the required quantity and press Add to Basket
3. Go to your basket and proceed to checkout
4. Enter your contact details and specify a delivery date
5. Enter your payment details into our secure checkout system
6. Once this has been completed you will receive an email with confirmation of your order and all the information you require
If you are wanting to place the order by phone, you will just need to provide our sales team with the required measurements, contact and payment details and they will go through every step with you. At the end of the call you will receive an email with confirmation of your order and all the information you require.

How do I claim a price match?

Here at Grass Direct we pride ourselves on pricing high quality products at extremely low prices to help our customers achieve their dream homes for less.

We believe that our prices are the lowest on the market, but if you find one of our products in another store cheaper, we’ll MATCH the cost and even take off an EXTRA 10%!

That’s a promise!

For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions, contact us directly via the contact us form.

How do I use a promo code?

If you have a discount code, you can enter it in the Discount Code box in your shopping cart. The code will then deduct the specified amount from the total cost of your products. You will see the deduction in the checkout where there is a breakdown of the costs.

Please note: Only one promotional code can be used per order. The code will not deduct anything from the delivery cost.

If your discount code is not working the most likely explanation is that it has expired. If you are having problems with a code you believe to still be running please contact us via live chat, or visit our contact us page.

How do I change my account details?

If you would like to change your account details, you can do this by contacting our Customer Service team.


Do you offer interest-free credit?

Yes we do, please visit our finance page for more information.

Why has my payment been refused?

Your payment could have been refused for a number of reasons. If you contact our Sales team they will be able to have a look into this for you.

My receipt is missing, what can I do?

If you haven’t received a receipt for your order, please check in your junk and spam in your email account to ensure it hasn’t gone into the wrong folder. If it is not there, please contact our Customer Services team, who will be able to resend it to your email address.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods:
Visa / Visa Electron
American Express
Amazon Pay
We offer a variety of finance options, for more information visit our finance page.We do not accept any cash or cheque payments.

When will my payment method be charged?

You will be charged for your order as soon as you have clicked the Place Order button and your bank have accepted the transaction. However, you may not see it on your bank transaction report for a couple of days.

Is your site secure?

Yes, our site is safe and secure to use and enter your payment details. We ensure that all data passed between customers and us is fully protected by using the latest security standards, including 256bit encryption and a 2048bit root. We do this through a security certificate granted by COMODO - the largest trust provider in the world.
Using SSL technology keeps your shopping experience confidential and secure. We also do not store payment card information, your details are securely processed by WorldPay - the UK's largest merchant service provider!

Is there an alternative to ordering online?

Yes, although our website is completely secure we understand that not everyone is happy with purchasing online. Therefore we also have the option of placing your order over the phone. Our Sales team would be more than happy to take your order. You can get in touch here.


How do I use LiveChat?

Our website has a live chat facility which allows you to talk directly to our Sales and Customer Service teams in real time. This function is available during working hours.

To use live chat all you need to do is click on the live chat button in the bottom right of your screen when you are viewing the site. This will allow you to enter and send your question or comment directly to our teams. You will be responded to as soon as a member of the team is available.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password just click on the following URL, submit your email address and you should receive an email specifying your next steps.

Click Here to Reset your Password

If you are unable to reset your password using this method, please contact our Customer Services team. If you don’t receive your email please check your spam and junk folders. If you still can’t find the email, please contact Customer Services using the details listed above.

How do I follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest?

Simply click on the icon below to visit our social pages!

How do I rate/review a product/service?

To submit a review on our product or service you can use the following options. These options will allow you to rate the product/service and also provide us with any comments you have.

You will be emailed by an independent review site a few days after your order has been dispatched asking you if you would like to review the product you received and the service we provided.
At the bottom of every product page you can click on the Write a Review option to submit any comments you may have.

What are cookies?

When you visit most websites you will be asked whether you want to accept “Cookies” but a lot of people are unsure of what they are. Cookies are small files, which are stored on your computer. They are created to hold a small amount of data specific to a particular website and can be accessed either by the web server or your computer. This allows the server to deliver a page tailored to you or can carry information from one visit to the website (or related site) to the next.

I am receiving an error message, what should I do?

If you are receiving an error message firstly please refresh your browser or use another. If you still experience the same problem please contact our Customer Service team. We will then do the best we can to sort out your issue.

Why should I update my browser?

Keeping your web browser up to date helps to eliminate security risks as the newest browsers contain the most up to date and best security patches and also allows the most optimal browsing experience.


What about pile direction?

With the majority of fake grass products you should always consider which way you want to lay the grass when received. The artificial lawn will look slightly lighter from one direction and darker from another, so it’s important to decide which way your lawn will face before it is fitted. When you receive your artificial grass from Grass Direct, it’s always best to roll it out slightly in all directions to see which you prefer.

Different rolls of Artificial Grass can differ slightly in colour variation. If you are ordering two or more pieces of Artificial Grass that will be joined together please inform us upon placing your order so we can make every effort to ensure cuts are taken from the same roll where possible. (This is not a guaranteed service and we cannot be held responsible for slight colour variation which occurs as a result of cuts being taken from different rolls.) We do advise you to order the same widths for all pieces in this situation as this will limit the colour variation.

Be sure when placing & joining two or more pieces together, that the pile direction runs in the same direction. Always check before fully fitting two pieces together by taking a step back and checking the pile runs in the same direction. Never try to fit your grass at different angles as this will highlight the join and may cause colour variation between the pieces.

Do you offer a fitting service?

Fitting is now available, please get in touch with your local store. For more information, click here.

How much artificial grass do I need?

The best way to work out the area you need when looking to buy artificial grass, is to draw an accurate plan on squared graph paper if you have some available. Simply measure the width and length of your area, at the largest point, taking into account any extra areas you may need to cover if your garden isn’t square or rectangular in size.

If worked out accurately, you may then be able to calculate exactly how much artificial grass you would need to cover your garden area, but if in doubt, the simplest method is to multiply those two largest dimensions in order to get your covering area. Always try to work in metres rather than feet and inches, but for reference the majority of products available from Grass Direct are found in 2m (6ft 6’’) & 4m (13ft) widths.

Please bear in mind that based on these widths, you may need two or more cuts in order to cover your desired area with artificial grass. Should you need two or more cuts, feel free to check our DIY installation guide for further detail on how to successfully join the two pieces for a seamless finish.

Note that if you have more than one cut in multiple widths, you may experience slight colour variation - because of this, we recommend you stick to the same widths, even if it means more wastage

What about drainage?

No need to worry when buying artificial grass from Grass Direct. The majority of our ranges have porous backing and will drain sufficiently provided the area beneath has good drainage.

Will my artificial grass fade in the sun?

Our artificial grasses are fully UV stabilized and carry a minimum guarantee of 5 years against fading from sun exposure, meaning your grass will stay green all year round! However, as our outdoor carpets are made from different materials, they are prone to gradually fading from sunlight

Is laying artificial grass a DIY process?

Artificial grass is quite simple to lay and this can be a very cost-effective solution compared with hiring a local landscaper. If you’re at all unsure, then feel free to contact us for further advice, or check out our DIY installation guide which gives you a step by step guide to fitting an artificial lawn on almost any suitable surface.

Can I become a recommended contractor/installer?

We are always looking to expand our range of recommended fitters and installers. Please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have and we can discuss a range of opportunities with you.

Will weeds grow up through my new lawn?

To protect against weeds, we recommend that you apply weed killer to the area prior to fitting our weed suppressant membrane. This combination should provide you with the perfect defence against weeds.

What about the maintenance of my artificial grass?

Grass Direct artificial grass is very easy to maintain. Nothing more than a quick brush to remove debris such as leaves, twigs and seeds; and your artificial grass will continue to look fantastic all year round. Not only that, but brushing also helps to keep that natural looking Grass pile without the hassle of mowing, weeding and watering.If you need to clean your grass, cleaning your artificial grass from Grass Direct is as simple as a quick rinse. We recommend the use of our specially formulated artificial grass cleaners in order to clean thoroughly and get rid of stubborn stains when combined with a garden hose or even a good rainfall.

How do I clean artificial grass?

Cleaning your artificial grass from Grass Direct is as simple as a quick rinse. We recommend the use of our specially formulated artificial grass cleaners in order to clean thoroughly and get rid of stubborn stains when combined with a garden hose or even a good rainfall.

Where can I install artificial grass?

Your artificial grass can be laid on hard surfaces and can be easily installed to replace your existing lawn. Hard surfaces that are common for laying artificial grass can include roof terraces, play areas, outside offices, around caravans, pathways, driveways, balconies and commercial areas; all provided that drainage is good. When replacing an existing lawn with your artificial grass, please make sure the ground is prepared suitably beforehand.

Can I order a 2M and a 4M piece of the same grass?

We would advise against ordering two different widths of the same grass if they are for the same area. Different rolls of artificial grass can differ slightly in colour variation. We do advise you to order the same widths for all pieces in this situation as this will limit the colour variation of the pile.

Can artificial grass be fitted over decking?

Artificial grass can be fitted over a wide range of surfaces. See our DIY installation page for further details. When fitting over decking, a soft foam underlay is best to use prior to fitting.

Is artificial grass suitable for pets?

Yes, Grass Direct artificial lawns are ideal for dogs and cats to play on. All of our products can be easily cleaned using a garden hose, warm water and mild detergent, or even with a good rainfall. Our artificial grass is very durable and manufactured to stand the test of time.


Where is my order?

If you are looking for the date your order will be delivered you can find it specified on your email receipt. If you didn’t specify a date of delivery your please contact our Customer Service team or track your order using your order reference via our tracking page.

If you would like to check what status your order is at you can view this by clicking on the ORDER PROGRESS link found in your email receipt. This will tell you your orders progress.

If your order is to be delivered by one of our vans you will receive a text message the day before with an estimated delivery time for your product. Please allow for half an hour either side of this delivery time to allow for traffic.

If one of our external couriers are delivering your order we are unable to specify a time of delivery. You can however contact our Customer Service team on the day of delivery, who will put you in contact with your local depot who may be able to help you further.

If your order was not delivered when specified please contact our Customer Service team.

Do you deliver internationally?

We do not currently ship our products internationally.

Can I collect my order?

No. Sadly we do not have a public-facing front where you can collect your items.

How do I change my delivery address?

If you would like to change your delivery address, you can do this by contacting our Transport team.

When will my order be delivered?

When placing your order you can specify the working day (from three working days after your order is placed) you would like your order to be delivered on. Your order will then be delivered on your specified day between 7am and 6pm.

If your order is to be delivered by one of our vans you will receive a text message the day before with an estimated delivery time. Please allow for half an hour either side of this delivery time to allow for traffic.

Alternatively you can track your order via our tracking page.

If one of our external couriers are delivering your order we are unable to specify a time of delivery. You can however contact our Customer Service team on the day of delivery, who will put you in contact with your local depot who may be able to help you further.

What happens if nobody is home when my order is being delivered?

If no-one is going to be home please please visit our tracking page where you will be able to re-arrange your delivery, or specify any special delivery requirements.

We don’t advise leaving your order outside your home but please get in touch, to advise us that this is what you would like our drivers to do as we will only do this if we have been instructed to. Please leave a signed note in clear view instructing the drivers where to leave your order.

What are your delivery rates?

Standard Delivery

Our standard delivery is £39.95

With this service you can select a weekday delivery date of your preference (excluding weekends and bank holidays), from a minimum of three working days from when you place your order. This delivery service is available for all UK mainland addresses and chosen delivery dates are upheld where possible. In the circumstance where this can't be adhered to, a member of our Customer Service team will contact you to arrange a convenient time for you.

We do advise all customers not to book a fitter for their artificial grass until they have received it and are happy with their artificial grass.


Deliveries made to Highlands postcodes require an additional surcharge dependent on items ordered. You will be notified if your postcode qualifies for this surcharge on entering your address during your order.

Please note when choosing your delivery date that Highlands deliveries can take 3-5 working days. In cases of offshore islands like Stornoway, Orkney and Shetlands, we may not be able to deliver at all.


What are your terms and conditions?

To view our full terms and conditions, please visit our full Terms & Conditions page!

Do you have any stores?

We have a collection of shops across the country - click here to view our store finder!

Do you have any reviews?

Yes, we have a large bank of independent reviews from our customers which you can see if you click on the review icon on the left hand side of your page or on each individual product that the review relates to.

If you are looking to write a review of ourselves or our products, Yotpo (an independent review platform) will email you after your purchase asking for your opinion.

What is your privacy policy?

To view our Privacy Policy, please visit our full privacy policy page!


Can do I return my order?

If the customer wishes to return a product within their 14 days statutory rights period, or within our 30 day returns policy, a full refund minus collection charges and picking fees will be issued if the following conditions are met:

Goods are sealed in their original packing
Goods must not have been used, tampered with or fitted in any way
Goods must be returned in full, including all parts and any free products or documentation
Made to measure items, such as carpets, vinyls and artificial grasses, are cut to order for your specific needs. These ‘Made to Measure’ items are subject to a 50% ‘Made to Measure’ fee. Free Gifts & Related Free / Discount Promotions are excluded from the refundable value
Returns Policy - Collection Charges
We offer a 30 day returns policy. We will collect with our couriers and provide you with a refund as long as the un-fitted artificial grass can still be collected and safely transported back in the original packaging. A charge for collection will be deducted from your refund, this charge is dependent upon your location, whether you ordered online or in-store, and the weight of the product(s). Please be aware that return collection charges are usually more expensive than original outbound delivery charges. If we have delivered the wrong order to you, or if the products arrive faulty, you will not be charged for the collection. If a product is returned as damaged/faulty by the customer, and upon inspection is found to be undamaged/without fault; we reserve the right to deduct collection charges from your refund.

Have you got my order back?

Once we have collected your returned items they should arrive back with us within 5 working days. We will then process your refund after we have inspected your returned items. If you want to check that we have received your returned order please contact our Customer Service team.

How long do I have to return an item?

You have 30 days from the day you received your order to return your items.
Click Here To View Our Returns Page

How long does it take to receive a refund?

After your refund has been processed your refund will take up to 3-5 working days to appear in your account

What do I do if I have a problem with my grass/other items?

If you have a problem with your order please contact our Customer Service team who will take note of your issue and do the best they can to help you.


How do I ask a question about a product?

There are three ways for you to ask a question about a product:

Contact our sales team via our contact us page
Talk to our sales team through the live chat on our website. At the bottom of each product page there is a question and answer section. Submit your question here and you will receive an email with a response.

I've sent you an email, how quickly should I receive a response?

Once you have submitted your email you should receive a response within 24 hours

I'm a trader, do you offer a trade discount?

We run a trade programme which you can opt to join. The programme enables you to build points and earn extra discounts the more you purchase.
For more information or to join our trade programme please contact our Sales team.

What time are your office open?

Our knowledgeable teams are available on the phone every day of the week!
If you require any specialist advice in regard to any of our flooring products, have any query to do with an order or have any other query, do not hesitate to contact us.