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Why artificial grass is good

There are lots of benefits of artificial grass, aside from the obvious aesthetics. Impressive warranties, quality manufacturing and environmental benefits have totally changed the perception of artificial grass; installing faith in it being a valuable, cost-effective alternative to natural turf. Now it wouldn’t be a fair assessment if we didn’t also consider the disadvantages of artificial grass. Although we love the stuff, there are a few areas we advise you look into before purchasing.


Artificial grass offers a stream of benefits including: reduced water bills, reduced water usage, low maintenance, safe place for children to play, weather proof, and withholding its appearance all year round, to name a few. With the disadvantages of artificial grass being few and far between, including less time for gardening for those green thumbed enthusiasts, no real grass smell, and an initial cost that can creep up depending on the range. Though disadvantages are present, these are a fraction of the benefits offered by artificial grass.


So without further ado let’s look at the pros and cons of artificial grass…


20 Benefits of Artificial Grass

Here we have compiled a list of the top 20 benefits to help you decided whether you should don the gardening gloves and go artificial ready for the summer!


  1. Reduce your water bills with artificial grass

We all love to save money where we can. According to Water UK, the average water bill will cost you £405 a year or £33.75 a month depending on where you live. One of the ways to cut that cost would be to cut down hosepipe usage or ban the sprinkler.

A cubic metre of water costs £2. If you were to water at 25mm per square metre (an inch deep) on a 100m2 natural lawn this would be 2.5 cubic metres of water or £5. Doing this weekly, throughout dry summer months, would cost you £55! We dread to think of how this converts when considering the continuous flow of a sprinkler system.

One of the main advantages of artificial grass is that it only requires a deep clean twice a year – it just doesn’t compare really!

Water saving


  1. Save water with artificial grass

Particularly important for areas prone to the hosepipe ban. Lack of water can cause natural grass to go into a state of dormancy, often leading to balding and browning patches. If you don’t want to have to deal with unsightly grass, the fake stuff is the one for you.


  1. Low maintenance gardening

Seeding, mowing, weeding, fertilising… The list of natural lawn chores feels like they are stuck on repeat. You no sooner put away the mower and you’re getting it back out again. Artificial grass is renowned for its low maintenance and pristine look all year round.

Our How to Maintain your Artificial Grass guide explains just how easy it is to care for your artificial turf in three simple steps; getting rid of dirt/debris, hosing it down and biannual use of your artificial grass cleaner.


  1. No harmful pesticides

Moss is one of the biggest natural lawn nightmares. Keeping it under control to restore healthy green grass can be challenging. Harmful pesticides and herbicides found in treatments can cause health threats to both wildlife and humans.

Whilst moss can also grow on artificial grass, our Artificial Grass Cleaner has a neutral pH balance and is 100% biodegradable therefore providing an environmentally friendly treatment for tough mould or moss problems. Stay safe with artificial grass!


  1. Save money on garden equipment

Maintaining a natural lawn can be expensive, especially when you consider the costs of a strimmer, lawnmower, rake, hand aerator, hand weeder, lawn spade, trimmer, lawn shears, lawn scissors, hose and sprinkler. Not to mention ongoing costs of blade replacements, electricity, re-seeding, fertilising and water rates.

Artificial grass may come with an initial pull out but this more than justifies its worth when you consider the long-term costs of maintaining natural turf.


Save Money on Gardening


  1. Artificial grass is UV protected

Fake grass comes with fantastic UV protection. It won’t fade in sunlight and stays green all year round. Unlike natural turf, which is known to turn brown in excessive sunlight.


  1. More time to relax with fake grass

Less time spent gardening and more time spent chilling - artificial grass offers the perfect solution for non-gardeners! Who has time to think about weeds, shrubs and overgrown grass anyway?


  1. Safe play area for children

Providing a cushioned landing for those little trips and falls, artificial grass is perfect for play areas, nurseries and schools. Where play bark can contain splinters and rubber can conduct heat, artificial grass is completely child-friendly.





  1. Pet-friendly

Artificial lawns are ideal for pets and can be easily cleaned using a garden hose and mild detergent. Where natural lawns are affected by the ammonia, found in urine, with distinct browning patches and bald spots. Artificial turf is completely unaffected, the only thing you need to be mindful of is the number of times it is used as a toilet area.

However, our handy guide on How to get rid of the smell of dog urine from Artificial Grass will keep any unpleasant smells under control.


  1. No more mud with artificial grass

Make muddy footprints a thing of the past. The sublayer required to install fake grass acts as a barrier for ground soil, making it impossible for muddy puddles to congregate on your lawn. It also stops our furry friends being able to dig mud holes and traipse this across the kitchen floor. There's only so many times those puppy dog eyes can work, but now they won't have to with this advantage of artificial grass.


  1. No more grass stains

Manufactured from superior PP & PE fibres, artificial grass is fully synthetic which means no more grass-stained clothing to contend with. Those white clothes can stay white, after a kick about in the garden.


Still need more advantages of artificial grass? Good! we're not finished yet...


  1. No allergies

Sick of sneezes ruining your summer fun? Well then it's time to reap the benefits of artificial grass. Artificial grass is perfect for hay fever sufferers thanks to a zero pollen count. According to AvoGel.com grass pollen is arguably the biggest cause of seasonal allergies, affecting approximately 90% of hay fever sufferers. Find out more on how Artificial Grass Deters Hay Fever Symptoms in our blog.




  1. Great for tenants and landlords

If you’re a landlord or busy tenant that simply hasn’t got time for garden maintenance, you’ll know too well how quickly the standard can slip. Overgrown weeds, shrubs and grass can cause a real eye-sore for visitors. Landlords can lose potential new tenants if the garden is not presentable. Tenants can be billed for professional gardening services to treat the area if the required standard is not kept. Go artificial and omit the issue completely!


  1. The solution to the shaded area

Natural lawns require four to six hours of full sun each day. Without this, turf can deteriorate becoming less resilient and prone to disease. Caring for a shaded lawn takes time, effort and often costly treatments.

Not to worry, this advantage of artificial grass will remove all those issues. Artificial grass can be laid almost anywhere as long as the surface is flat, permeable and sufficient drainage is available - meaning shade is no issue at all!


  1. Work away or love to holiday? Go artificial!

Working away from home leaves little time for household chores never mind the garden. Often left to its own devices, natural lawns can quickly become a problem. Unless you can afford a private gardener to look after things in your absence, artificial lawn avoids the issue completely.


  1. Multiple uses

Aside from the standard lawn replacement or yard, decking and terrace covering, artificial grass is perfect for enhancing areas such as dog runs, rooves and play areas. Creating a beautiful safe area for the whole family to enjoy.





  1. Great for those who struggle with mobility

We all know a loved one whose mobility isn’t quite what it used to be. Artificial lawn takes away the strain of garden chores. A simple hose down or brush in autumn is enough to keep it looking tip-top.


  1. Looks the part all year round

Thanks to quality manufacturing, artificial grass is extremely difficult to tell apart from the real thing. Unaffected by weather conditions, extreme frost or scorching summers will no longer play havoc with your lawn. For pristine grass 365 days a year, go artificial!


  1. Weather-proof

Quick-drying and weather-proof, artificial grass will not prevent sporting activity such as football, cricket or rugby. No more delays here!


  1. Choice of colours to suit your preference

With a huge range of artificial grass available, you can choose the exact colour shade, density, yarn shape, pile height and thickness to meet your needs. Whether you prefer the wispy look or fresh cut, free samples help make your choice a whole lot easier.


Advantages and disadvantages of artificial grass - samples



5 Disadvantages of Artificial Grass

We’ve had the pros of artificial grass, now it’s time to look at what some may consider as cons. The disadvantages of artificial grass a few and far between, but we want to keep you as informed as possible before delving into your transformation.


  1. Initial costing

Depending on which range you go for, the cost of artificial grass can start to creep up. We advise making sure your chosen range is well within your budget. Don’t to forget to add your accessories when working out the initial costing too i.e. weed membrane, adhesive, fixing nails, etc. to avoid any surprises.

If you’re opting for a professional fitting, seek numerous quotes to make sure you’re getting the best possible value for your money. You could always cut costs by carrying out a DIY install too.


  1. Install process

The initial install can seem quite daunting with some gardens requiring extensive groundwork. It is important to create a flat, porous, base to allow for drainage as this plays a vital role in the performance of your grass. Any blockages can cause stagnant water or odour issues. If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, it’s best to leave this part to the professionals - particularly for full lawn replacements.


  1. Gardeners see artificial grass as cheating

Some green-fingered garden lovers see fake grass as cheating. They prefer the natural way, taking pride in getting out the lawnmower, strimmer and edging shears to cut the grass.

As the old saying goes… each to their own! Depending on how you look at it, this can be a disadvantage of artificial grass, or an advantage. If you have the time and patience for gardening then great, if you prefer the easy way then go artificial.





  1. Smell of real grass

That fresh cut grass smell is something you’re not going to get with fake grass. However, we feel the fake stuff compensates by eliminating the endless trail of grass trimmings walked through your house and green stained footwear from the chlorophyll.


  1. Removing natural habitat for wildlife

Many people believe by replacing your natural lawn with artificial grass, you are destroying the natural habitat of insects. However, installing flower beds around your garden will solve the issue and the soil sub-base is still home to worms and other wildlife.


There we have it, the benefits, advantages and disadvantages of installing artificial grass in your garden. It's clear to see the pros outweigh the cons by some measure!

If you’re planning a garden project and would like to seek some expert advice from our friendly fake grass specialists, get in touch now, they'll be happy to help.