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Artificial Grass Deters Hay Fever Symptoms

Summer is just around the corner - sunny afternoons in the garden, sociable BBQ’s and quality family time outdoors. However for hay fever sufferers the summers not so rosy… Streaming eyes, sore noses, irritated throats and uncontrollable sneezing fits aren’t fun for anyone.

What if we told you artificial grass can prevent those symptoms!


Grass Pollen is the Worst for Hay Fever

Hay fever occurs when the immune system is threatened by pollen, releasing excessive amounts of histamine to protect sensitive openings such as the ears, nose and throat. According to AvoGel.com grass pollen is arguably the biggest cause of seasonal allergies, affecting approximately 90% of hay fever sufferers.


Artificial Grass Deters Hay Fever Symptoms


How Artificial Grass can Prevent Hay Fever

With zero pollen count, artificial grass will not set off any of your dreaded symptoms. By replacing a natural lawn with fake grass, you are tackling one of the root causes. The excessive cutting regimes that natural lawns require releases an abundance of grass pollen which sticks to your hair, clothing and skin -commence the sneezing frenzy!

Whilst plants and trees also give off their fair share of pollen, having this controlled will put you in much better stead to combat the effects.


How to Treat Hay Fever

Medical professionals say the best treatment for hay fever is to limit your exposure to substances which cause your hay fever to flare. If the symptoms are moderate, you can purchase over the counter treatments such as nasal sprays, eye drops and oral tablets. However for more severe cases, you may need prescription medications.


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