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How are you Celebrating the World Cup?

As the tension builds to one of the most iconic sporting events of all time, we want to know how you are getting ready to support your home country in this year’s World Cup tournament.

Are you racing out to the shops to purchase the latest England shirt? Are you studying the fixtures to organising watching the matches with your mates? Or perhaps you’re more of a laid back Luke and dealing with each match as it comes…

Regardless of how you’re approaching this year’s world cup, one things for sure we’ll be backing the tournament every step of the way and offering you some great savings on our artificial grass ranges too!

From week one we will be pairing our artificial grass ranges with their corresponding countries. Our Barcelona range will be representing Spain, Lisbon will represent Portugal etc. To bring you fantastic discounts thought the tournament, right up to that all-important final whistle on 15th July 2018.


World Cup Offers


Of course we’re right behind our home team of England too and will be throwing in a few extra time discounts here and there as well as a fantastic Facebook competition!

Stay tuned to find out more...