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Artificial Grass in a new build garden

The team here at Grass Direct, love to see our customer installs. From full lawn transformations to decking and paving coverings. Seeing the end result and the difference our artificial grass has made to thousands of homes across the UK is priceless.

The Standley family have been kind enough to share their beautiful garden with us and feature in our customer case study. Giving you a full insight into adding artificial grass to a new-build home, a true review of our Lisbon Artificial Grass range and rating their experience with Grass Direct.

So without further ado...

Artificial Grass for a New Build Home


What does the project entail?

We’ve just had a house built and one of the key challenges was the garden as it is such an unusual shape and there was a significant gradient on the land. After getting some advice from experts we opted to go for a split level design so we could have a large patio area but also still have room for a garden area. We previously had artificial grass and we found it to be a great no-decision. Most of us in the family have hay fever so it makes sense, plus the lack of maintenance required is a real bonus.


Preparing foundations for artificial grass


Preparing new build garden for fake grass


Garden Preparation for Artificial Grass


Preparing the subfloor for artificial grass


Artificial Grass for a New Build Home

How did you hear about Grass Direct?



Why did you choose this particular artificial grass range?

We chose the Lisbon range as it has the best reviews for wear and softness. We asked for some samples and once we looked at them all we decided the Lisbon range suited our requirements the best.


Would you recommend Grass Direct to a friend?

Yes, we would recommend Grass Direct to a friend.


How would you rate your experience with Grass Direct out of 10?



Artificial Grass for a New Build Home

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