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Is Artificial Grass Environmentally Friendly?

Are you wanting to install Artificial Grass but are conscious of the environmental impact it may have? Artificial Grass doesn’t always have the best reputation when it concerns the effect on the environment. However we’re here to tell you that Artificial Grass actually has many benefits that positively affect our ecosystem. 


Reduces CO2 Emissions


One major benefit of Artificial Grass is the fact that it looks amazing all year round delivering that neat and tidy fresh cut look, with little maintenance. 


Whilst this is a great practical benefit in time saving, and the labour of looking after your lawn, it also has a positive impact on the environment. 


This little maintenance means you don’t have the struggle of dragging out the lawn mower and inevitably tripping over the chord, because your Artificial Lawn doesn’t need to be mowed. 





In turn, this reduces the need to use both electric and gas fuelled lawn mowers every week, contributing to emissions that are negatively affecting the environment and impacting the carbon footprint. 


So while you’re chilling out on your luscious green lawn, you can relax even more in the notion that you’re contributing to reducing CO2 emissions into our ecosystem. 


Protects From Harmful Chemicals


Something else that comes as a benefit for the environment when using Artificial Grass, is the reduction of harmful chemicals. 

Pesticides and fertilisers are often used with natural grass. Pesticides are harmful to wildlife, working to prevent animals from entering gardens and destroying the greenery. 


Fertilisers are another chemical designed to aid the growing of natural grass to prevent a patchy looking lawn. Something you won’t have to worry about with Artificial Grass.


Artificial Grass is highly durable and can withstand the pressures of a busy family home and extreme weather conditions. Whilst a natural lawn may look unsightly trying to accommodate these factors, this is no trouble for Artificial Grass. 


So in using Artificial Grass, you’re protecting wildlife as well as your beloved family pets from consuming harmful chemicals when stepping foot on your lawn. 




Saves Water


Another environmental factor that can be considered when it comes to Artificial Grass is water consumption. 


Artificial Grass doesn’t require the use of water to aid in it’s growth in dryer months. 


This means that as well as saving a few pounds in reducing the use of water, you're having a positive impact on the environment. 


In the current climate, we are in a time where we could move towards water scarcity. 


Many don’t realise that fresh drinking water is a limited resource. It is used for agriculture, and human consumption. So conserving it to ensure there is enough fresh drinking water for everyone is highly important. 


Of course, we aren't saying Artificial Grass doesn’t need any water. We would recommend washing your lawn a couple of times a month just to keep it looking fresh and clean. This is even more important if you have pets who use the garden for their calls of nature. 


As you can see, ensuring we are cautious with water consumption is extremely important and this is something that you can do without even thinking about it when installing Artificial Grass. 


Recyclable Artificial Grass


Last on the list of reasons that Artificial Grass can benefit the environment is the availability of fully recyclable ranges.

There are some Artificial Grass Ranges that are made from recycled materials as well as ranges that are fully recyclable after use. 


Though this won’t be any time soon after purchase, as Artificial Grass generally lasts approximately 15 years depending on quality. Our Stockholm, Bahamas and Rome are all recyclable after use.


Artificial Grass with natural plants Antigua Artificial Grass



As you can see, Artificial Grass has many factors that provide a positive effect on our ecosystem. 


From saving water to protecting wildlife from chemicals, Artificial Grass can provide you with your dream garden whilst having environmental benefits too!


If you have any more questions regarding Artificial Grass, get in touch with one of our Grass experts today!