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More Fun, Less Maintenance Garden Ideas

Are you tired of having to spend hours maintaining your garden before you can enjoy it? Then you will be pleased to know a low maintenance garden is easily achievable with artificial grass

One major benefit of artificial grass is that it is low maintenance. So you can forget tripping over the cord when you pull out the lawn mower, or spending weeks or even months fertilising your lawn. 


Your artificial grass will look stunning, neat and tidy all year round!


Just ask our @lifeinourhanbury… 


Why Did You Choose Artificial Grass To Transform Your Garden?


Where garden transformations are concerned, there are many reasons people choose artificial grass to finish off their garden. 


“We were doing our own DIY garden transformation and wanted to plan something that would be low maintenance and look good all the time, which is exactly what we got with Grass Direct. It’s definitely met our expectations!”


@lifeinourhanbury are definitely benefitting from installing artificial grass and not having to constantly tend to their garden to use it! If low maintenance is top of your list then artificial grass should be top of your list too. 

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Benefits of Artificial grass


Installing fake grass has a whole host of benefits, and where low maintenance is concerned, these are in abundance too!


  • No fertilizer or pesticide needed
  • Saves water
  • Don't need to mow
  • No mud
  • Pets can't dig (pet-owners)
  • No weeds (if weed membrane is installed)


Impressed by this low maintenance garden idea? Well, we’re not finished yet. 


How Does Artificial Grass Improve Your Lifestyle?


Gardens are never just an outdoor space. They’re beneficial for lots of reasons. Not only are they another great place to decorate and design however you wish, but they’re a great place for the family and an opportunity to improve your lifestyle.


“Our garden is now like an extended social place to our house. We spend lots of time enjoying the garden with family and friends and love that it’s maintenance free. Having artificial grass allows your garden to be ready to use all year round.”


Moreover, if you like to spend time with your family, host gatherings, or just like to chill out and relax on an evening or weekend, then artificial lawn is the perfect option for all of these avenues. 


No Compromise On Your Real Looking Lawn


Additionally, artificial grass is perfect for transforming your garden, creating less maintenance whilst still enjoying a luxurious looking lawn. You don’t have to compromise on having that beautiful freshly cut look, or concern yourself with it looking fake. 


All of our artificial grass ranges have been designed with realism in mind. Thanks to our ranges being engineered to be soft to the touch and having blends of green tones, they imitate natural grass effortlessly. 


“We chose the Barcelona range because we loved how natural it looked with the different tones. The pile size was perfect and the quality felt amazing. The quality is amazing and the price was very reasonable as well. I would definitely recommend Grass Direct.”


And there we have it. So, when it comes to garden ideas for creating a more fun less maintenance garden, adding artificial grass should be top of the list.


If you have any questions regarding artificial grass, get in touch with one of our experts today.