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Artificial Grass FAQs

Being experts in artificial grass, we experience a lot of frequently asked questions surrounding fake grass. As expected. Let’s take a look at some of the most common artificial lawn frequently asked questions we get asked and save you some time when looking to make a purchase and transform your garden. 

  1. How long does Artificial Lawn last?
  2. Is Artificial Grass eco-friendly?
  3. How do I look after Artificial Grass?
  4. Is Artificial Grass pet friendly?
  5. Is Artificial Grass child friendly?
  6. Is Artificial Grass easy to install?
  7. Can weeds grow through Artificial Grass?


1. How Long Does Artificial Lawn Last?


When making an investment in something for your home, you want to make sure that this isn’t something that will: A. Go out of style the following week. B. Last a couple months and need replacing. Longevity is a high priority with home investments. 


Thankfully, artificial Turf is highly durable and resilient meaning it can stand the test of time. It is no match to extreme weather conditions or hours of fun with the little ones. 


In fact it has a life expectancy of around 10-15 years depending on levels of foot traffic and use. 


So if you’re looking to invest in artificial grass, this certainly won’t be a short term thrill for your home. 



2. Is Artificial Grass Eco-Friendly?


Now this next question is one we get asked a lot. Is artificial grass eco-friendly? Fake grass doesn’t always have the best reputation when it comes to being good for the planet. But this is something we look to change the perception of. 


Contrary to popular belief, artificial grass actually has many benefits that help towards preserving the planet. 


Reduces CO2 Emissions 


The low maintenance factor of artificial grass means that it helps to reduce CO2 emissions due to lack of lawn mowing. So you’re not contributing to emissions that are negatively affecting the environment and impacting the carbon footprint. 


So while you’re chilling out on your luscious green lawn, you can relax even more in the notion that you’re contributing to reducing CO2 emissions into our ecosystem. 


Harmful Chemicals


Not only that, installing fake grass means a reduction in harmful chemicals used in pesticides that impact wildlife that may enter your garden. 


Pesticides and fertilisers are often used with natural grass. Pesticides are harmful to wildlife, working to prevent animals from entering gardens and destroying the greenery.  


Fertilisers are another chemical designed to aid the growing of natural grass to prevent a patchy looking lawn. Something you won’t have to worry about with artificial grass.


So in using artificial turf, you’re protecting wildlife as well as your beloved family pets from consuming harmful chemicals when stepping foot on your lawn. 


Saves Water 


Another environmental factor that can be considered when it comes to artificial lawn is water consumption. Fake grass doesn’t require the use of water to aid in it’s growth in dryer months. 


Many don’t realise that fresh drinking water is a limited resource. It is used for agriculture, and human consumption. So conserving it to ensure there is enough fresh drinking water for everyone is highly important. 


Of course, we aren’t saying artificial lawn doesn’t need any water. We would recommend washing your lawn a couple of times a month just to keep it looking fresh and clean. This is even more important if you have pets who use the garden for their calls of nature. 


As you can see, artificial lawn has many factors that provide a positive effect on our ecosystem. 


From saving water to protecting wildlife from chemicals, artificial grass can provide you with your dream garden whilst having environmental benefits too!

3. How Do I Look After Artificial Grass?


The beauty of artificial grass is that it is low maintenance to keep its beautiful appearance.


There are a few steps we would recommend carrying out to ensure that you’re protecting the longevity of your lawn and keeping it looking as pristine as possible. 


Regularly remove leaves and debris


Some gardens have trees and plant life surrounding their gardens. This means that leaves and dirt can regularly be found on your lawn. Using a leaf blower or a regular house brush and shovel to clear these up will help to keep your grass looking perfect. 

Sweep with a brush 


After high amounts of foot traffic, furniture or play items placed on your lawn, your grass may start to flatten. To get it back to the perfect luscious fresh green grass, simply take a regular brush and give it a sweep to help the pile stand back up again. 


As artificial grass is extremely resilient, this isn't something you should have to do regularly. We would recommend doing this every couple of weeks for maximum appeal. 

Remove Pet Waste 


Many households have furry friends that will inevitably use the garden when nature calls. When it does, making sure you pick up any waste as soon as possible will help to prevent bad odours occurring. 


All of our artificial grass ranges are pet friendly and have drainage holes for when your pet goes outdoors, though for larger messes, we would recommend these have your attention sooner. 


Cleaning Your Artificial Lawn 


When it comes to those inevitable spills from little ones, or even the adults occasionally, you’ll want to hose those off with a little bit of water to remove any residue that may turn sticky and attract insects. 


4. Is Artificial Turf pet friendly?


For a lot of homes in the UK and around the world, having a four legged, furry family member is common. 


So if you’re considering installing artificial grass when you have a pet, you should! Artificial grass is 100% pet friendly. 


It is free from any harmful toxins that may affect your pet, it has drainage holes that are beneficial for when nature calls and there is no mud from digging. 


5. Is Artificial Grass Child Friendly?


The next question on the list of frequently asked questions is probably the reason most of you are looking to invest in artificial turf in the first place. Muddy footprints, bald patches of grass… Can you see where we’re going with this one? 


… Children!


Artificial grass is great for kids. It offers the perfect place to play for the kids and no muddy footprints for the parents. 


Not only that, it helps to reduce injury when those inevitable trips and falls occur. Artificial lawn adds a cushion underfoot and can help to take some of the impact when accidents happen. 

Thanks to the high durability of artificial grass, it can cater to hours and hours of fun for the little ones. 


So no need to question whether or not artificial grass is child friendly. We can vouch for it being great for the children in your home. 


6. Is Artificial Grass Easy To Install?


Another on the list of frequently asked questions we get is whether or not artificial turf is easy to install. 


All of our artificial lawn ranges are easy to install yourself when following our step by step guide.    


A DIY installation will not only allow you to get another skill under your belt, but it will save you on artificial grass installation costs, reducing the overall cost of your garden transformation, and it will also leave you with bragging rights when your envious friends and family ask who installed your beautiful new lawn!


Alternatively, if you don’t feel confident in fitting the grass yourself, then we recommend hiring a professional fitter. 


7. Can Weeds Grow Through Artificial Turf?


The final question on our list of frequently asked questions is regarding those pesky irritants that often grow around natural grass that you spend your summers trying to get rid of. Weeds. 


Weeds are common with natural turf, and unfortunately can also make their way through to artificial grass too. 


Not to worry though, as this is preventable with artificial lawn. When installing your artificial turf, installing a weed membrane will prevent weeds growing up through your grass and spoiling the beautiful landscape you have created. 


And there we have it. A fully answered list of frequently asked questions surrounding artificial grass. If you happen to have any more questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our advisors today .