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Sale Artificial Grass

Have you had your eyes on a range of artificial grass to transform your garden? If you have been double and triple checking our site for a sale to get your dream garden that little bit cheaper, then your wait is over. This weekend is our Big Bank Holiday Sale, until the 30th August 2021.

We’ve got amazing deals on a wide variety of our artificial grass ranges, offering you an extra 20% off our already great savings.


Best Sellers Savings 


Let’s look at some of our bestsellers and the bargains you could grab to save breaking the bank when it comes to transforming your garden. 


Miami Artificial Grass 


One of our customer favourites comes in the form of our Miami range. This range has been designed to be extremely dense. 


With a 30mm thickness and 4 star softness rating, this range not only looks amazing but feels amazing underfoot. 


Along with these preferable benefits, this range also has practical benefits too, such as:


  • Pet friendly 
  • Child friendly 
  • Low maintenance 
  • 5 star wear rating 
  • Elite UV protection


With our Big Bank Holiday Sale deal, you’ll be benefiting from the already fantastic price of our Miami range. With the 20% discount, it will drop from £19.49/m², to £15.49/ m². 


So you can achieve the garden of your dreams without breaking your bank, thanks to our Big Bank Holiday Sale! 


Oasis Artificial grass 


The next best seller we’ll take a look at is one that is already a steal without this amazing discount. Our Oasis range is perfect for those who are wanting to transform their outdoor space on a budget. 


Despite the price, this grass range is amazing from both a quality and appearance perspective. Already discounted to £9.99/m², with our Big Bank Holiday Sale, this has been further discounted to £7.99/m². Amazing, right?


So you don’t have to compromise your budget or quality of the grass. You’ll still get that natural looking appearance, durability and all the other practical elements you’d expect, such as:


  • Low maintenance 
  • UV protection
  • Pet friendly
  • Easy installation 


Don’t miss out on making the most of your budget with this amazing deal. 


Hollywood Artificial grass 


Looking for that show stopping garden to make your guests and neighbours green with envy? 


Then opt for our Hollywood Artificial Grass Range! This range has everything to offer. 



If you want a standing ovation for having a garden that creates a conversation piece then this range has everything to offer: 


  • 5 star wear rating 
  • 4 star softness rating
  • 30mm thickness
  • UV protection
  • Pet friendly
  • Durable 
  • Child friendly 


This is just some of the amazing benefits offered by installing the Hollywood Artificial Grass range in your outdoor space. 


You could be lapping these benefits up for just £14.39/m²  when you use code ‘SAVE10’ at the checkout. 


What are you waiting for? Our offer ends 30th August, so hurry whilst stocks last and don’t miss out on our amazing Big Bank Holiday Sale. 


If you have any questions regarding our artificial grass ranges, get in touch with our experts today!