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Give Your Garden Shed a Make Over

The garden shed is often thought of as a dusty old place in the corner of the garden where spiders rule the roost. Things fall out when the door is opened and the musty smell lingers in your nose.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, as there is plenty you can do to transform the space into a special area to be proud of.

Spring time comes around after another harsh winter and inevitably thoughts turn to spending more time in the garden.

There is plenty of gardening to be done while the covers can finally be dragged off the outside table and chairs. 

The good old shed has borne the brunt of ice, snow and gale-force winds for the best part of five months and it needs some TLC.

But where do you start? Here are some tips and hints to make the most of your shed. 


Give it a lick of paint

The chances are that, by April, your shed will be in need of a coat of paint. This will have the dual effect of smartening up the garden and protecting the wood. 

It is not as time consuming as people think, with a few minutes of sanding before applying the paint. Often one coat will be enough, especially if the product you use has protective qualities.

Why not change the colour from year to year? This will help to give the garden a fresh look for each new summer.


Add some bird boxes

Garden wildlife can be spectacular, especially around spring time when birds are nesting. It is common to see blackbirds or blue tits collecting moss to line their nests, so why not give them a helping hand? 

Erecting a bird box is one of the shed ideas that benefits nature as well as helping with the overall makeover.

Install a window box

In addition to bird boxes, window boxes can lift a dowdy old garden shed. Make sure you choose brightly coloured flowers and even try to coordinate with the colour of your shed.

There is also scope to place plant pots along the front of the shed to give it a colourful and fresh appearance. Decking can be a useful addition to smarten up the front of your shed and will give the pots stability at their base. Here at Grass Direct we have a great range of composite decking options for your outdoor space. 


Transform the inside of your shed

Sheds vary in size and the larger ones have more scope for an inside makeover. If the space and budget permits, there are many things you can do to make your wooden shed into a place where people ‘want’ to go as opposed to ‘have’ to go.


  • De-clutter with shelving


Garden sheds are notoriously messy places, with tools and gardening equipment thrown in haphazardly. But there are plenty of ways to make things better. 

Simply putting up shelving to get objects off the floor will make a difference while a new cupboard will improve this aspect even further.

A tool rack is another way of making space and is not difficult to attach to the wooden sides of the shed.



  • Look down to spruce up


Shed floors are usually dirty, dusty spots, with soil ingrained into the wood. Why not transform it with some vinyl flooring? This will lighten the space and is also much easier to clean, with a handy mop and bucket just the ticket.

Once again, this will not be too much of a chore. Just measure up, cut and fit!



  • Curtains give shed a homely feel


There are plenty of garden ideas that might seem radical and putting up curtains in the shed possibly falls into that category. They will inevitably become dirty over time and need washing.

But colourful drapes in a shed are not unheard of and will provide privacy and shade.



  • Box it up


To continue the theme of decluttering, purchase some storage boxes to help keep the floor clear of ‘stuff’. There will inevitably be a number of things that you want to keep just for the sake of it, so store them in tough plastic boxes. 

These can be stacked on top of each other and the top crate may also be used as a table.



  • Install a garden bar


The more ambitious might want to go the whole way and transform your garden shed into a garden bar. These have become a popular trend over the past few years and you can find plenty of ideas in our blog Creating a Garden Bar Area

It may require a bit of work and we would advise installing decking as a seating area outside but once complete, your shed will then become a meeting place for family and friends to enjoy a drink and discuss the issues of the day.

It is possible to buy purpose-built ‘pub sheds’ but the fun and satisfaction will surely come from creating your own.

Giving it a name with its own coat of arms will be the finishing touch. 


Work from home in your shed

The pandemic has taught us all a lesson that it is possible to work from home and still be creative and efficient. While working in a shed could be tricky in the cold winter months, during the summer it would be possible.

Electricity will probably be needed but once that is conquered then the world is your oyster. Wi-fi means laptops can be run from a shed and there is surely no better place to work than among the singing garden birds.

This will not be for everyone, with some preferring the comfort of a home office, but put in the effort and it could be rewarding.

It is obvious that the possibilities with your garden shed are numerous. Far too many are neglected and just seen as places to throw things to get them out of the garden.

But treat it with respect and creativity and your garden shed could become a place to enjoy the gorgeous British summer while forgetting all your worries of the working week. 


Making the most of your garden with Grass Direct 

Improving your garden shed can be a great way to make use of your space, but have you thought about installing artificial grass? Artificial grass can complement your outdoor area perfectly whilst being the ideal solution for socialising or playing as it doesn’t become slippery or muddy when it rains, so you can enjoy being outdoors without worrying about muddy footprints being tracked through your home. 

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