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Making A Children’s Play Area With Artificial Grass

If you are a childcare provider or a parent thinking of creating your own children’s play area at home, then installing artificial grass should be at the top of your list. 

Artificial grass is extremely tough, durable, and suitable for use all year round. It provides the perfect base for swings, slides and climbing frames and is entirely safe for children thanks to its synthetic nature. 

Artificial Grass Childrens Play Area

There are other benefits to artificial grass over natural turf when considering creating a play area. 

Helps with uneven surfaces: Installing artificial grass is an ideal way to stop bumps and tumbles caused by uneven playing surfaces. It also has the added benefit of being thicker than normal turf and combined with the cushioning effects of the fake grass, it can make it far safer than natural turf for children to play on to their heart's content.  

Helps to avoid slips and falls: When it rains, normal grass can become slippery and muddy, meaning not only does your grass become ruined, but it can be a perfect storm for slips and falls.  

Artificial grass does not get as slippery and provides more grip, making it less likely for your child to slip and fall when playing. This allows your artificial grass installation to be used all year round, no matter the weather. And it avoids the pain of muddy footprints being tracked into your home!

Easy to clean: If you have a combination of children and pets, particularly dogs, then you will understand the need to maintain a clean lawn. Ordinary grass can be difficult to keep sanitary if your pets regularly use it as a toilet.  

Artificial grass is great for keeping your play areas free of pet waste, as they are designed to drain moisture from the surface with drainage holes and/or a porous backing, so any urine will drain harmlessly into the ground below. Any faeces can be picked up as normal, and the artificial grass hosed down with water and grass cleaner. This easy maintenance helps to keep your children safe when playing. 

Allergy safe: If your child suffers from hay fever, then playing outdoors during the summer can be a nightmare. Artificial grass is non-allergenic, which means it does not contain any allergenic materials, meaning it is easier for children to play outdoors. 

Longevity: Artificial grass is extremely good against wear and tear. Most artificial grasses are expected to last at least 10 years, which makes it a cost-effective purchase. If you plan to install heavy play equipment, you may need to move this around to avoid indents on your grass, but it will stand up well to the everyday footfall of children! 


Choosing your artificial grass

It is important to know what you are looking for when choosing the correct artificial grass for your children’s play area. 

Grass types: Artificial grass is available in a range of lengths and thicknesses, which can affect how the grass feels.  

Here at Grass Direct, we have a “softness” rating on all our products, so you can decide on the correct artificial grass for you. We would recommend a high softness rating and a long pile height if you are installing artificial turf that is going to be regularly used as a play area, as these grasses have been tried and tested to be soft and well cushioning. 

Play Area Artificial Grass

Underlay: If you are planning to have a climbing frame or jungle gym, particularly if you are an education provider or are building a play area for commercial use, you need to have a shock pad underlay installed beneath your artificial grass. This helps prevent significant injury to children and meets the critical fall height for a child, which is the height in which a child could be expected to not receive a critical injury from a surface, when falling headfirst. 

Installation: When the time comes to securely anchor your play equipment to the ground, it is imperative that your artificial grass has been laid correctly. At Grass Direct we offer instructions on how to install your turf yourself, however if the artificial grass is being used for a play area, we would recommend hiring a professional to give you peace of mind that the grass has been installed up to the highest standard. 

When anchoring your play equipment, make small cuts in your artificial grass using a sharp knife, remember to cut through the backing and underlay too! This method will ensure the minimum amount of damage caused to your artificial grass whilst allowing your play equipment to be safely installed. 


Artificial grass from Grass Direct 

There are other benefits to installing artificial grass in your outdoor space, without the need for regular mowing and weeding, you have the perfect, low maintenance garden for you and your family to play in.  

Here at Grass Direct we offer exceptional prices on our wide range of quality and luxury artificial grass; you can find your ideal play-safe product without having to compromise on budget or quality. And because we understand that creating the perfect outdoor space can be tricky, we offer free samples, so you can make sure you choose the right option for you and your children and get your ideal play area all year round.  

For all your artificial grass needs and enquiries, please contact us today by using our contact form on our website or call us on 03308 182 500 to speak to one of our friendly expert