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Top 10 Herbs To Grow In Your Garden

With living costs rising and a renewed focus on growing your own food, herbs are a terrific way to start. For beginners or seasoned gardeners, herbs are easy to plant and grow and not only that, they taste delicious too!

Herbs are so versatile that they can be grown either in well-drained soil, garden boxes, raised plant beds or even pots on your windowsill! This means that there is no limit to growing herbs, even if you have a small outdoor area or garden. 

Just remember to make sure that wherever you choose to plant your herbs, they have good access to sunlight and are unlikely to get too cold. 

To help start you on your way, here at Grass Direct we have created a list of our favourite 10 herbs to grow in your garden and add some tasty flavours to your dishes!

  • Basil

Basil is one of the easiest and most popular herbs to grow. It can be added to a range of dishes, from Mediterranean cuisine to Asian creations. You can start the seeds/seedlings in a pot on your windowsill before planting out in your garden in early summer. It prefers sand or loam, so if you haven’t got the required soil type, then add to a large plant pot and place so it gets full sunshine.

Basil Herbs

  • Coriander

Coriander is a versatile herb from which the entire plant can be used in cooking. This makes it a great herb to grow in your garden. The plants tend to be rather short-lived, so definitely one for a windowsill or raised bed. Repeated harvesting and sowing new seeds can help keep a more continuous supply, make sure it is watered regularly with well-draining soil.

  • Mint

A favourite for desserts or mixed with summery drinks, mint is not only a super delicious herb to grow but is also well known for its medicinal properties. This is a particularly great one for the garden as it's a perennial with beautiful purple blossoms, just make sure to trim back otherwise it can take over your plant bed.

 Mint Plant

  • Chives

    Chives are the perfect summer herb. Tasting like spring onion and with the bulbs and flowers both edible, you can make the most of what you grow. Like mint, they are a perennial and are easy to grow almost anywhere as long as they have a nice sunny spot! Sow in March and April for the best results.

  • Parsley

    Popular in British cooking, no herb garden would be complete without parsley. A biennial plant, it is best to sow when it is warm, although you can always start them on a sunny windowsill before planting outside. They like sunshine but can have partial shade. Add to your food for extra flavour or simply use their pretty leaves as a garnish.

  • Rosemary

    A favourite herb for beautiful roast dinners, rosemary is a beautiful herb to grow, both in flavour and appearance. It has white, pink, purple and blue blossoms, which makes it a wonderful addition to any garden and the evergreen leaves can be used to flavour a range of dishes. 

    Rosemary Herbs

  • Dill

    An aromatic herb, dill is not only used in cooking, but is used to scent candles and oils. It is a good, hardy plant to grow, but is only ever very short-lived. It is also susceptible to being moved, so choose where you want to plant wisely. Partial shade in a warm spot is ideal to get the most out of this annual herb.

  • Sage 

    With numerous varieties and a unique taste and smell, sage is the most popular herb to be grown in Britain. Letting the leaves grow large before harvest ensures a more intense flavour and thanks to its variegated appearance, it can be used for decorative purposes as well as for food. Although sage is an evergreen plant, it doesn’t like hard frosts, so protect it during the winter months.

  • Oregano

    Preferring a light soil and sunny areas, growing oregano may not work for everybody. However, you can grow it in large pots on a windowsill, or window boxes with good drainage. You can use the leaves directly in salads, or chop them up and let them dry out for use in traditional dishes. 

    Oregano Herbs

  • Fennel

    With its distinctive taste of aniseed, fennel is a wonderful herb to grow and is well known as a pollinator, so it is good for your garden as well as your food. Grown from seed, fennel is a hardy perennial but as the entire plant is edible, you may want to re-seed each year for continued results.


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