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Traditionally turf, tarmac, and real grass have been used to surface sports fields, fields, and pitches throughout the country but recently artificial grass has seen a rise in popularity for use across several sporting venues across the globe. Although it is a common sight across the USA in many sports stadiums such as the NFL, artificial sports grass is now becoming more widespread here in the UK, with schools, sports clubs and even some of the top football stadiums also making use of the benefits it can offer. 


What are the benefits of artificial sports grass?

Artificial grass or fake grass as it is sometimes known, is made from synthetic materials and the threading, and stitching together of plastic fibres is very similar to the way carpets are manufactured. This gives it several benefits over real turf when it comes to playing sports. 


  • Safety

 When it rains, normal grass can become slippery and muddy, meaning not only does your playing surface become ruined, but it can create dangerous playing conditions, resulting in a higher chance of injuries. Artificial grass does not get as slippery as normal turf and provides more grip, making it less likely for players to fall. This capability to work in all weathers means that an artificial grass pitch or playing surface can be used all year round.        


  • Durability

 Artificial sports grass is designed and manufactured to be resilient to the stresses of most sports. With high quality backing and made from 100% polypropylene, you can purchase sports grasses that are shaped to give the maximum resilience and allow it to bounce back when stood on, making it an ideal solution for sports with a high number of players. 


  • Better for uneven surfaces

 Installing artificial grass is an ideal way to stop accidents and poor playing conditions caused by uneven playing surfaces. It also has the added benefit of being available in various grades so can be purchased thicker than normal turf which can level out even the roughest of surfaces. 


  • Easy Maintenance

 Unlike normal pitches or playing surfaces, artificial grass is easy to keep clean and maintain. Turf can often be a costly upkeep for sports clubs and requires regular maintenance whereas artificial sports grass requires just the occasional cleaning. This makes it cost effective for sports in which a maintenance team is usually needed to make sure the pitch stays in top condition. 

Sports Grass


Is Astroturf and artificial grass the same thing?

Astroturf is commonly used as the catch-all term for artificial sports grass, however, In the same way Hoover entered the public consciousness and forever changed the way we talk about vacuums; Astroturf is actually related to a specific brand and is not the official name for artificial turf

What sports are making use of the advantages of installing artificial grass?

There are several sports that are realising the benefits of installing artificial sports grass over turf or tarmac. 


  • Football

 In the UK, football is the most popular sport both watched and played. This has given rise to local football clubs across the country. Traditionally using the sports fields available, the construction of artificial grass pitches has improved the available playing areas and are becoming an ever more popular choice for football clubs, no matter their size. With artificial grass resembling real grass but offering a better performance to players, we are set to see artificial sports grass in clubs and stadiums everywhere. 

Artificial Grass Football


  • Golf

 In the UK, golf is becoming one of the most popular sports, so more people are installing artificial grass putting greens at home. There is nothing like being able to step out into your garden and sharpen your putting skills. On a professional level, artificial putting greens are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in 2022. It gives both the public and professionals an easy way to practice throughout the year thanks to the durability offered by fake grass and is more cost effective than trying to maintain real turf. Especially if you miss your shot!


  • Cricket

 Another sport making use of the benefits of artificial grass is cricket. Ideal for practice nets and pitches, it gives players the ideal solution to practice both bowling and batting without causing damage to the surface. 


  • Hockey

 Hockey was traditionally played on grass pitches but was one of the first sports to adopt playing on artificial grass. Hockey requires a fast, even playing surface and artificial grass provided the perfect solution. With the cushioning effect offered by artificial sports grasses, players have a higher protection from injury and can improve their skills with the consistency of the playing surface. This has made it popular across schools, amateur clubs and professional outfits and it is now standard practice to play on an artificial pitch at all levels. 


  • Rugby

 Although not extensively used for professional rugby pitches, artificial rugby practice surfaces are becoming more commonly widespread due to the availability and durability compared to training on grass fields. 


  • Tennis

 Tennis clubs are installing artificial grass courts on their premises as they offer a consistent playing surface all year round. This allows games not to be compromised by different weather conditions and the cushioning effect of artificial sports grass can be hugely beneficial for players that are putting a lot of stress through their joints. 


  • Multi-sports

 Although we have outlined the main sports making use of artificial sports grass in the list above, one of the best uses for artificial playing surfaces is the ability to be widely used by all. This makes it the ideal choice for community spaces and council owned sports facilities. 


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