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Garden Furniture On Artificial Grass

Choosing the right garden furniture for your artificial grass can be a daunting prospect. With so many options available you may not be sure what would work best for your outdoor space. 

One question that we get asked a lot here at Grass Direct is whether artificial grass is suitable for garden furniture. If you have had artificial grass installed in your garden or outdoor space then you understandably may have concerns over placing your garden furniture on your new turf. However, artificial grass is very similar to carpet and it can withstand most garden furniture items without causing long lasting damage. 

If you have heavy furniture, we would recommend moving it around every so often to avoid permanent indents and damage, however the only furniture to truly avoid with artificial grass is furniture with sharp edges as this can cut through the matting. 

If you are still worried, we would recommend purchasing a lightweight garden furniture set. Rattan is a particularly excellent choice and is both trendy whilst adding a summery feel to your outdoor space. 

We would also recommend anything that has flat and wider legs and bases such as a lightweight wood or aluminium, you can also add rubber feet to your garden furniture to help avoid any long lasting marks. 

Choosing the right furniture for your garden is not just a case of deciding what can work on artificial grass, but also for what purpose your furniture is going to be used for. If you are looking for a relaxing space then loungers and sofas are an excellent choice, if you want to dine or socialise in your garden then you need to consider tables and chairs. 

Garden Furniture For Artificial Grass

We have put together this handy guide to help you choose the right garden furniture that works for both you and your artificial lawn. 



Before choosing any furniture, you need to decide for what primary purpose(s) you will be using your outdoor space. This is an integral part of the decision making process as this can narrow down your search. 

A popular trend at the moment is extending your living space outside, by embracing outdoor living, you blend together your interior and exterior spaces. Sofas and chairs are a hugely popular way of creating a living area outside. It is however, important to choose the correct type of seating – especially in regards to the British weather! Adding throws and cushions can make it cosy and tables and soft lights can finish the transformation into the perfect space to relax. 

If you are more into entertaining, then long dining benches and tables should be top of your list. Just please remember that BBQ’s or fire pits should not be used on artificial grass as they will melt the synthetic plastic and cause lasting damage. 

If you are more of a gardener, then a simple place to sit and enjoy the fruits of your labour would be what you would look for in garden furniture. 

If you want to create a place to relax and enjoy the sunshine, then sun loungers and side tables are a fantastic addition to your garden furniture. 



You should also consider what space you have, measure up the area in which you would like to place your garden furniture before purchasing, as this can save problems in the future. Too large furniture for a small space can overwhelm your artificial lawn and your garden and look wieldy and out of place. 



Everyone’s taste is different, so it is important to find something that you find appealing, after all, you are the one that is going to be regularly using it. 

Go traditional with a rattan sofa, or metal patio set (make sure any metal furniture has pads on the bottom of the legs before placing on your artificial grass) or you can be creative with your garden furniture and mix and match between materials. Wood furniture is making a comeback and you can get lovely wooden benches to fit almost any space. 

Upcycling indoor furniture to be used outside is a popular trend and not only is upcycling part of the sustainability movement, but it can save you money and create unique pieces for your garden. 

Choosing Garden Furniture



You should always make sure you have considered the British weather! Make sure your garden furniture is weatherproof and you have a safe space to store all soft furnishings such as cushions. Artificial grass isn’t affected by weather the same way normal turf is, so you can be safe in the knowledge your garden furniture will not sink into the mud!


Artificial grass with Grass Direct 

If you are interested in making the switch from a traditional lawn to artificial grass, then here at Grass Direct we have everything you need to make your outdoor space look picture perfect – without the hassle.  

Here at Grass Direct we are committed to becoming a carbon neutral company, so if you are concerned about the environmental impact of using artificial grass, for every order you place, we will plant a tree, as well as donating a share of our profits towards tree planting. 

With exceptional prices on our wide range of quality and luxury artificial grass, including our sports grasses for businesses and homes, you can find your ideal product without having to compromise on budget or quality. And because we understand that creating the perfect outdoor space can be tricky, we offer free samples, so you can make sure you choose the right option for you and get your ideal lawn all year round. 

We also offer composite decking which is an ideal base for a range of garden furniture. Our decking is FSC® 100% certified hardwood timber with recycled plastic – premium materials that are built to last but with the traditional look and feel of timber whilst also giving you the benefits that plastic has to offer.  

It is low maintenance, and we have a wide selection of styles, patterns, colours, and classic finishes such as black, golden grey, charcoal, oak, and walnut, to ensure you get the look that complements both your home and your outdoor space.  

For all your artificial grass or decking needs and enquiries, please contact us today by using our contact form on our website or call us on 03308 182 500 to speak to one of our friendly expert advisors!