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Great Garden Party ideas

With spring and summer quickly approaching, your thoughts may be turning to your garden and getting it ready for the warmer months so you can enjoy it to its full potential. 

Gardens and outdoor spaces are a fantastic (and handy!) place to socialise and spend time with loved ones, so if you’re looking for some great garden party ideas for both adults and children, here at Grass Direct we have put together some of our favourites to hopefully inspire you to hold your own creative and amazing party for family and friends! 


Adult garden party ideas

Holding a garden party is a fun and easy way to entertain. With a bit of inspiration, you can turn your garden or outdoor area into a great space to relax or socialise during the summer. So how do you turn your garden into the ideal place to hold a party?


  • BBQ – We all love a barbecue, and it is one of the most common ideas for a garden party. So how do you make it more interesting? Adding extra treats for when the burgers have gone can make a big difference. Use the dying embers of the BBQ or hire a fire pit to toast marshmallows, or slice bananas through the skin and add a few pieces of chocolate and wrap up to put on the BBQ. Serve with ice cream and dipping sauces and your guests will be transported to childhood. 
  • Picnic – If you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere, then putting out picnic blankets and serving jugs of cocktails can be a wonderful way to hold a garden party with an adult twist, and it also gives everyone somewhere to sit! 
  • Afternoon tea – Reminiscent of English country gardens, why not do an afternoon tea garden party? By setting out tables and decorating with pretty tablecloths and crockery, you can create a summer atmosphere whilst dining on finger sandwiches and cake. 
  • Garden bar – Having your own garden bar has been a big trend for the past couple of years and is a great addition to any garden party. Upcycling furniture such as a chest of drawers is an easy way to create one without building a permanent addition to your home, just add a chalk board with the “specials” and a few bar snacks and recyclable straws and voila! Your own personal garden bar. 
  • Outdoor movie night – A big tv, screen, blankets, and pillows are all you need to create an outdoor movie night in your garden. Fill buckets of popcorn and serve drinks of your choice to create a fun-filled evening! 
  • Hot tub party – If you are lucky enough to own a hot tub or are willing to hire one for the weekend, you have a ready-made excuse for a party! Just make sure when you are inviting family and friends, they bring their own swimwear! 
  • Lighting – If you expect your garden party to carry on throughout the evening then outdoor lighting is a big must have. It doesn’t have to be expensive; string fairy lights up on your fencing or trees to give your party a cosy, fun feel even when night falls. 
  • Games – Who said games were just for kids? Outdoor games can be huge fun for all ages, including water pistols. Although we would recommend warning guests beforehand! Cheap garden games can be found in any kids' toy shop or supermarket and are a fantastic way to liven up your garden parties!


Kids garden party ideas

Having a kid's party in your garden is a fun and cheaper alternative to the current trend of booking somewhere. If it is big enough of course! However, even smaller gardens or outdoor spaces can be useful as an overflow or doing messier party activities. So, what are the best kids garden party ideas?


  • Pool party – One of the easiest and most fun party ideas is holding a pool party. If you don’t have a large pool or cannot afford to purchase one, then buying several small ones can create just as much enjoyment! Scatter water guns and water balloons around your garden for the ultimate water fight! 
  • Sports party – If your little ones (or big ones) love sports, then why not hold sports events. Similar to a sports day, you can print certificates for the winners, make an obstacle course and a lot of games can be created using everyday household objects. Egg and spoon race anyone?
  • Art party – If your children are creative, then your garden provides the perfect space to hold an art party. Use an old bed sheet as a canvas and get the children to paint their feet and walk across it, make sure the paint is washable though! You can also use giant chalk to decorate your house or create a sandpit for sand sculptures. 


If you’re looking for more garden activities you can do with children, then check out our summer garden activity guide for kids. It is full of inspiration and great ideas to keep the kids entertained this summer. 


Making the most of your garden with Grass Direct

Here at Grass Direct we understand the importance of your garden and outdoor space, especially during the warmer months. We actively encourage time to be spent outside as it can have numerous physical and mental health benefits. 

Holding garden parties is a great way to make use of your space and installing artificial grass has a lot of benefits. It doesn’t become slippery or muddy when it rains, so you can enjoy an outdoor party without worrying about guests tracking dirt through your house, it is entirely safe for children and pets and can allow you to enjoy summer days as well as making mowing, watering, and weeding things of the past - giving you the perfect lawn all year round, even after garden parties!

For all your artificial grass needs and enquiries, please contact us today by using our contact form on our website or call us on 03308 182 500 to speak to one of our friendly expert advisors!