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Some Great Spring Shrubs To Plant In Your Garden

If you want to have a beautiful garden all year round, then it is a good idea to plant some spring shrubs. They can add some much-needed colour to your outdoor space after the bleakness of winter and can help liven up your flower beds even in early spring. 

It is also beneficial to your garden ecosystem to have spring flowering plants, as they provide essential pollen for early bees and other insects, so having earlier blooming shrubs means you are helping your local wildlife. 

There are so many spring flowering shrubs to choose from, so here at Grass Direct we have chosen our favourites to share with you and hopefully give you the inspiration you need to turn your garden into a place to relax and enjoy the spring sunshine. 



One of the most popular spring shrubs has to be the hydrangea. Woody flowering shrubs covered in lots of blooms, in a range of colours, ensures you get a beautiful display from mid-spring. It is worth noting that colour can be soil dependent, blues for acidic soils and pinks for alkaline soil, so check your soil pH before purchasing. 


If you have a large flower bed, then rhododendrons are an excellent choice to plant for spring flowers. With strong coloured blooms and long flowering, from March onward, they provide an easy growing option for acidic soils. 



If you are short on space, then trellis or panels can provide an ideal way to support flowering plants in small gardens. Although Clematis is a late spring flowering shrub, it has beautiful green foliage and large, colourful flowers which make it perfect to cover a trellis.



Another evergreen shrub that produces spring flowers, Camellia japonica and Camellia × Williamsii are great additions to your garden if you have acidic soil. They have lovely pink, reds and whites that bloom early in the season and if you are short on space, they also grow really well in containers. 



If you are looking for a strong fragrant flower in the springtime, then a lilac bush is ideal. Hardy to the British weather and offering some height to your garden, it is a wonderful shrub to plant if you have the space, as most species will grow between 240cm and 250cm. However, you can get medium and dwarf varieties if you shop around. 



Forsythia have long been a spring favourite, although they are slightly unusual in the fact that the flowers bloom before the leaves emerge, so after the blooms have died it may require pruning. The yellow flowers make for a beautiful display, and it is an easy spring shrub to grow. 



Available as either a shrub or a tree, magnolias are a fantastic choice for those looking for a classic aesthetic for their garden. They flower quite spectacularly during the spring months in shades of pink and white and can be heavily scented. The larger varieties need a lot of space so take that into account when choosing size. 



If you are looking to add some blue to your garden in the spring, then ceanothus is ideal. The clusters of blue flowers against the evergreen leaves are particularly lovely for late spring/early summer, however they do require a well-drained soil and protection from the wind, so a sunny sheltered position is best. 



Azaleas are popular due to the sheer number of varieties available. This means you can get colourful blooms ranging from white to burgundy, allowing you to choose the best species to match your current garden. If space is at a premium, choose a dwarf variety, which can also be easily grown in pots. They prefer acidic soil with filtered light. 



Certain varieties of viburnum flower have spring flowers and as it is easy to grow in sunlight or light shade, they can be an excellent choice for those that are less green-fingered! They have clusters of white or pink flowers and in some cases, these are followed by ornamental berries. These shrubs can grow quite large but can also be grown if you have chalky soil. 



Skimmia are an ideal flower bed filler thanks to their evergreen nature. In spring you can expect a fragrant show of white/green flowers that can give way to red or white berries on the female plant. Plant near a male to get the required cross pollination. They can survive in almost any soil but don’t plant in direct sunlight. 


Spring gardens with Grass Direct 

At Grass Direct we want you to enjoy your outdoor space during spring so our spring shrub tips should help you create your perfect garden in which to sit back and relax and enjoy the warmer months.  

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