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Is Artificial Grass good for dogs and other pets?

If you are thinking of installing artificial grass in your outdoor space, but you have pets, especially dogs, then you may be concerned whether it is safe for your furry friends. Here at Grass Direct, we have put together the most frequently asked questions regarding artificial grass and its suitability for your garden when you have household pets.


  1. Is Artificial Grass Safe for dogs?

    Artificial grass is perfectly safe for dogs and is often a better solution for dog owners than a traditional lawn. Its constant length gives the ideal play area for your dog and is hard wearing and resilient to the rigours of pet life! Plus, you no longer need to worry about muddy pawprints!

  2. Is Artificial Grass Safe for other pets?

    Artificial grass is not only safe for dogs, but is also safe for your other pets. If you have rabbits or guinea pigs or an animal that needs an outdoor run then you may be concerned about them chewing on your new installation! However, although your artificial grass may look super realistic to you, small animals won’t eat it because to them it is just green plastic! 

    If you have a pet that still likes to chew on everything, you can either go with a shorter blade length to avoid giving them anything to chew on, or you can get a sample from an artificial grass company to see how your pet reacts before purchasing an entire new lawn.

    At Grass Direct we pride ourselves on our animal friendly products, so you can get up to 4 samples delivered free to your door within 48hours to reassure you that your pet will stay perfectly safe with our artificial grass.

  3. Are there any harmful chemicals present in Artificial Grass?

    Thanks to the synthetic nature of artificial grass, it is entirely safe for dogs, cats, and any other pets such as rabbits. By installing artificial turf, you avoid the need for harmful chemicals such as weed killer and pesticides, making it a suitable and safe environment for which to keep your pets.

  4. Can pets still use the grass as a toilet?

    If you have pets that regularly use the outdoor space to do their business, then you may be worried about continuing to let them use your new artificial lawn as a toilet. Artificial grass is actually great for pets, as they are designed to drain moisture from the surface with drainage holes and/or a porous backing, so any urine will drain harmlessly into the ground below. Any faeces can be picked up as normal, and the artificial grass hosed down with water and grass cleaner.

    Artificial grass is not affected by urine, unlike real grass. But to get rid of any persistent stains that are not being washed away, we recommend use of specially formulated artificial grass cleaners  in order to clean the area thoroughly and get rid of those stubborn stains!

  5. How do I maintain Artificial Grass when I have pets?

    Although artificial grass is both durable and low maintenance, if you have pets, especially dogs and cats that may want to use it as a toilet, you may need to take some steps to help keep it in a clean and sanitised condition. At Grass Direct, all our products can be easily cleaned using a garden hose, warm water, and mild detergent, or even with a good rainfall!


There are other benefits to installing artificial grass in your outdoor space, without the need for regular mowing and weeding, you have the perfect, low maintenance garden for your pets to play in. 

Artificial grass also reduces the chance of your pets catching fleas, ticks, and other parasites, and if your pet can be a bit of an escape artist, most artificial grass is resistant to digging, so you can make your garden more safe and secure for your pets. 

If your pet has allergies, then replacing your lawn with artificial grass is hugely beneficial. It is nonallergenic and can help pets enjoy the outdoors without you worrying about allergic reactions or flare ups. 

Artificial grass is often the choice for professional dog homes and kennels due to the durable nature of the product. It can withstand the wear and tear from pet claws far better than natural turf, so is a brilliant solution for businesses in the pet industry.

All artificial grass should be safe for dogs, however, if you still have concerns over the safety and security of installing artificial grass anywhere in your outdoor space, then we recommend using a reputable firm and looking for a “pet safe” or “animal friendly” badge, either on their website or on the product descriptions themselves. This ensures you know the product you are purchasing is safe for your pets and you can have the lawn of your dreams for years to come!


Pet safe artificial grass from Grass Direct

Here at Grass Direct we are the home of the UK’s largest selection of artificial grass, and we make sure every grass product is animal friendly and built to withstand the test of time (and your pets!) so you can have peace of mind when choosing your new lawn. 

With exceptional prices on our wide range of quality and luxury artificial grass, you can find your ideal pet-safe product without having to compromise on budget or quality. And because we understand that creating the perfect outdoor space can be tricky, we offer free samples, so you can make sure you choose the right option for you and your pets and get your ideal lawn all year round. 

For all your artificial grass needs and enquiries, please contact us today by using our contact form on our website or call us on 03308 182 500 to speak to one of our friendly expert advisors!