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15 Great Gardening Tips For Spring

As the first tendrils of spring begin to show themselves in your garden and the days begin to lengthen, the increased warmth and hours of daylight may remind you to start thinking about doing some work in your garden. 

Spring is a crucial time for any outdoor space, so to help you prepare for the year ahead, here at Grass Direct we have put together 15 great gardening tips to help you get the most from the season and get your garden into a better shape

  1. Plant your bulbs

    Although you will have missed the opportunity for early flowers such as daffodils and snowdrops, you can still plant bulbs that flower later in spring and during warmer months. Violets are an excellent choice. This late spring/early summer flowering can offer a riot of colour and keep your garden looking bright and fresh to match the season.

  2. Rebuild and prepare your lawn

    Lawns can often look shabby and forlorn come spring, so it may need some maintenance and TLC during these early months to get it back to looking green and lush. 

    Clearing debris and a good rake can do wonders, as well as patching any holes and removing weeds and moss. Don’t add grass seed until after the last frost though, otherwise your

  3. Consider Artificial grass

    We know the damage winter can cause to our gardens and our lawns are no exception. Although most grasses recover quickly, if your turf is always on the disappointing side, if you don’t want to have to maintain your lawn through the seasons or put in the work each spring to rebuild your turf, then artificial grass offers the ideal solution. 

    Installed anywhere, it allows for a fantastic looking garden all year round with the minimum of maintenance required.

  4. Hose down your composite decking

    Most of us are likely to have composite decking or a patio area. During the wetter months of winter, this is a prime location for the growth of algae and moss. Remove the grime from your decking by either using a power washer or some good old fashioned hot soapy water and a scrubbing brush! It may be labour intensive but it is important to keep your composite decking clean to protect its longevity.

  5. Plant your flowering climbers

    Now is the perfect time to plant your flowering climbers to cover your fences and walls with a beautiful cascade of colours and leafy greens. If you don’t have the time to install wires or trellis for the plants to climb, choose plants that don’t need support such as climbing hydrangeas.

  6. Check and repair boundaries

    With the storms of winter wreaking havoc on our gardens, spring is the ideal time to check any hedges, fences, walls, or trellis around your garden or outdoor space. Fixing any damage or staining wood is better to do now whilst you have easier access to it. 

    If all is okay, consider giving your boundaries a clean and repaint if necessary. Just remember to keep a close eye on the weather!

  7. Purchase any summer seeds or bulbs 

    Preparation is key to gardening and purchasing your summer seeds and bulbs now means you don’t have to worry about your favourites being out of stock, especially if you are planning on reseeding large areas. If it is a particularly cold spring, consider starting them off inside before planting outside.

  8. Get an early start on your weeding 

    Weeds can often take a hold during winter as they need less to grow, so early weeding is essential for maintenance and gives your soil a chance to recover and any spring flowering plants the space to grow.

  9. Prepare your soil 

    Preparing your soil for spring and summer is a key element to creating the garden of your dreams. Wait till the ground is no longer frozen and the last frost has been before adding a nutrient rich food, and a layer of mulch. This mulch will help to lock in moisture, prevent weeds from growing and improve the soil. Providing the ideal environment for your plants and flowers to flourish.

  10. Reshape and trim your plants

    A good tip is to prune broken branches and cut back and shape your summer flowering shrubs and plants. It is always best to wait a little if you are unsure of any spring shrubs, give them time to grow and flower before shaping to avoid over-trimming.

  11. Top up plant pots and beds

    Soil in your raised flower beds and plant pots can often sink during the winter months, so it is important to add a top up to help your plants thrive during spring. Make sure you remove any weeds before adding a nutrient rich compost. Don’t fill all the way to the top as you will need to leave space for watering and any settling of the soil.

  12. Clean garden furniture and tools 

    It is important to prepare for the year ahead by taking advantage of longer and warmer days and cleaning any garden furniture. This includes greenhouses, chairs, bird baths and any gardening tools. This way you can identify any wear or damage and keep your garden looking fresh.

  13. Replace any plants

    If you have plants in plant pots on your composite decking or hanging plants in your garden, then now is the time to check and replace them if needed. Plants like these tend to get neglected over winter so it’s important to check roots for rot and replace if any have died. This also gives you a chance to assess what plants may be more suitable for the conditions.

  14. Keep an eye on pests

    Warmer weather during spring tends to bring out early pests such as slugs. It is better for the environment if you use a safe and eco-friendly approach to controlling your pest population rather than pesticides. Especially if you have children or pets. Keep an eye for early signs so you can take steps to prevent the decimation of your spring flowers!

  15. Grow your own

    Growing your own vegetables is due to be popular this year and now is the perfect time to plant some potatoes or prepare your soil ready for later veg such as pumpkins or courgettes. Chilli plants can be grown in window boxes and can be an excellent way of introducing children to the idea of sustainability and where food comes from.

Spring gardens with Grass Direct

At Grass Direct we want you to enjoy your outdoor space during spring so our gardening tips should help you create your perfect garden in which to savour the warmer months. 

If you like the idea of reducing your garden maintenance or want to liven up your garden, patio, terrace, or balcony, then we offer the best in artificial turf. Our artificial lawn is a great alternative to real grass, allowing you to enjoy summer days as well as ensuring tasks such as  mowing, watering, and weeding are things of the past - giving you the perfect lawn all year round.

For all your artificial grass needs and enquiries, please contact us today by using our contact form on our website or call us on 03308 182 500 to speak to one of our friendly expert advisors!