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10 Fabulous Outdoor Lights For Your Garden

Outdoor lighting can have a dramatic impact on your garden or outdoor space. It can create different ambiences and provide the ideal setting to enjoy warm summer evenings or the perfect glow to brighten up long winter nights. We have listed our top ten fabulous ideas for garden lights below to give you inspiration on how to make your garden look at its best all year round. 


1. Smart lights

 With technology controlling a lot of our daily lives, smart lights are the next step in remote systems. You may already have smart bulbs or lights in your home, but did you know you can get them for outside your home as well?  This offers an extra layer of security and saves energy, as it gives you control over when they are illuminated. 

2. Wall lights

 If you haven’t got a lot of space in your garden or outdoor area, then wall lights are a fabulous solution. You can buy solar powered ones which reduces the need for electrical installation and unsightly wiring, giving you the illumination you need, without the hassle. 

3. Fence lights

 If you have darker areas of your garden or want lighting throughout your space, then adding strings of solar powered fairy lights across your fences can make an enormous difference. This adds beautiful illumination but is simple and cost effective to install. 

4. Solar pathway lights

 Adding lights to illuminate your pathways and driveways is one of our top recommendations. Not only does it help with visibility and security, but it also looks great too! Available in a range of designs to suit all tastes, from modern solar sticks to classic lanterns, you can turn what is usually a drab, grey area of your home into a design feature guaranteed to improve the appearance of your outdoor space. 

5. Standalone light features

 Have you thought about using lighting to create a stunning lighting design display? Using standalone lights such as LED trees, you can create your own piece of light art directly in your garden, which is sure to be a talking point amongst your friends and family, as well as giving you a beautiful visual display all year round. 

6. Uplighting

 If you are looking for a soft yet cosy effect for your outdoor space, then uplights are a great idea. These work perfectly with decking or patios, adding a gentle light to illuminate your space without overpowering with brightness. 

7. Lanterns

 Traditional solar lanterns are a classic  lighting design for your garden. Freestanding or hung from any outdoor structure, they add a sophisticated atmosphere to your space. Larger ones can be added to gravel beds for some added interest. 
8. Fairy lights

 Fairy lights or string lights as they are sometimes known, are not just the remit of teenagers' bedrooms. They are an affordable way to light up your garden whilst being beautiful in their own right. They are versatile and can be used across structures like pergolas, used to create a wall of light on a trellis, added around decking areas or hung from hedges and larger shrubs to create a light wonderland in your own garden. 

9. Pendant lights

 If you have an outdoor seating area, garden bar or pergola, then pendant lights provide the perfect solution to add light without taking up space. Go bare bulb for a modern, industrial look, or woven shades for a more natural, rustic appearance. 

10. Tree lights

 If you have large trees in your garden, then adding lights can add another dimension and turn your trees into amazing design features. This is particularly useful during winter when the branches are bare, and you may want a prettier aesthetic. String lights are a cheap and easy option, either wrapped around the trunk or woven through the branches, or you can add battery powered tea lights into glass jars and hang them from the branches. Because of their size, you can get creative with lighting and make the most of your space. 

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