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Artificial Grass laid on decking

Everyone knows that you can fit artificial grass on dirt and concrete, however, you may be surprised to know that you can fit your turf on decking. Once the feature piece of a garden, decking has slowly but surely shown itself as another garden chore to keep up with. Ongoing maintenance includes cleaning, re-oiling, and wood treatments as well contending with slippery decking in the winter months.

Thanks to artificial grass, you can spruce up decking in one simple instalment. Then get back to more important things like relaxing and catching up on your favourite read. 

The following blog will cover the basics of why you would choose artificial for decking, the fitting process, and what our recommended product ranges would be. There’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get started! 



Artificial grass for decking - why choose it?

You might be surprised to know that there are many reasons why artificial decking is a good option. Here we pick out the top three:


Aesthetically Pleasing

If your decking is fairly old, it will most likely be a little run down and unattractive. This is due to the constant moisture and temperature change throughout the year. Eventually, you will notice the build-up of moss or green spots - which no one likes to see. 


Using artificial grass for decking eliminates the problem of an unattractive back garden. As a durable, hardwearing alternative, fake turf stays green all year round regardless of climate change. Completely surfacing your decking, it will revamp the area whilst creating a protective layer for your once run-down decking; preserving the wood to avoid rotting. 


Too Much Decking

When decking first became popular in the 90s, everyone thought it was a great idea to fill their garden up with it. However, just like the 90’s hairstyles, you may now be looking back with regret! 


Artificial grass is a great low-cost alternative to a full decking removal and lawn replacement. Resurfacing the area will provide a safe place for little ones to play or your pets to roam, whilst eliminating the labour of replacing the whole thing. 


Health and Safety

During cold winter months, your decking can become quite dangerous as damp or frosted wood can become extremely slippery. This is often a worry for elderly residents or busy family homes with little ones running around


Adding artificial to decking is much more slip-resistant and offers more traction on foo to avoid any little slips or falls.  




Fitting artificial grass to decking - the process

Fitting artificial grass to decking is very similar to laying artificial grass on dirt or on concrete, but in many ways, it is a much easier process. The wooden planks provide a secure surface to enable you to secret nail directly around the perimeter using our Galvanised Fixing Nails. Saving time on money on additional installation tools. The gaps between each wood plank also offer a very effective drainage system, allowing for quicker drying and ventilation.



It is important to prepare your decking by giving it a good clean, before laying anything on it. This prevents moss and rot from spreading beneath your grass. You may need to treat the wood or replace any rotten planks prior to installing the grass. 


We recommend that you install both an underlay and a weed membrane to your decking. The weed membrane prevents any kind of weed or plant from growing through the cracks of your decking and then through your turf. Artificial Grass Underlay provides additional comfort and avoids the ridges of the decking could protrude out


Fitting Methods 

There are a few different directions to take regarding the process of fitting. Secret nailing your grass to the decking is a great way to keep your turf in place while simultaneously hiding the joins and nails you have used. You can also choose to use Artificial Grass Adhesive, however, this is a little harder to remove if you want to change the surface in the future. 


We recommend having a read of our blog fitting fake grass to decking, which covers the step by step process of how to lay your grass to decking just like the pros.


Artificial grass decking - what’s your options?

To save money you could go for a thinner range of artificial grass, but be sure to add an underlay to avoid feeling the ridges underfoot.


We would recommend a grass with a 30mm pile height or higher, this provides both comfort and a more attractive appearance.


Porto Artificial Grass Cape Verde Artificial Grass Barcelona Artificial Grass
 Porto - £15.99/m²  Cape Verde - £14.99/m²  Barcelona - £18.99/m² 

Table, 3 ranges over the height of 30mm, links to get free samples.

Click on the ranges to order up to 6 free samples, once ordered the samples are dispatched within 24 hours.

Artificial grass for decks - Checklist

  1. Order samples
  2. Choose your range - ideally a range with a 30mm pile height or higher.
  3. Don't forget your Weed Membrane! 
  4. Pick your Underlay.
  5. Prepare your decking
  6. Check out our blog on how to fit fake grass to decking for a step by step guide. 



If you're thinking about laying artificial grass on decking, go for it! Installing the turf on your grass will be both beneficial to the appearance of your garden and the quality of your wood decking.