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  1. Artificial Grass for Sports

    Artificial Grass for Sports

    An afternoon kick about, local tournament or professional stadium, no matter where you choose to play football it’s inevitable a natural grass pitch will leave you with filthy boots, a grass-stained kit and one or two grazes from your iconic Klinsmann's dive! Lost in celebration, the chore of cleaning doesn’t come to mind until you’re sat for hours with a hand brush and damp cloth scrubbing away the dirt – not so appealing! Artificial grass eliminates the muddy chores a natural pitch creates.

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  2. Artificial Grass Deters Hay Fever Symptoms

    Artificial Grass Deters Hay Fever Symptoms

    Summer is just around the corner - sunny afternoons in the garden, sociable BBQ’s and quality family time outdoors. However for hay fever sufferers the summers not so rosy… Streaming eyes, sore noses, irritated throats and uncontrollable sneezing fits aren’t fun for anyone.

    What if we told you artificial grass can prevent those symptoms!


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  3. How are you Celebrating the World Cup?

    How are you Celebrating the World Cup?

    As the tension builds to one of the most iconic sporting events of all time, we want to know how you are getting ready to support your home country in this year’s World Cup tournament.

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