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  1. Pinterest’s Top Artificial Grass Picks from July

    Pinterest’s Top Artificial Grass Picks from July

    If you follow our Grass Direct Pinterest Profile, you’ll see we’ve made some changes to our account. Now bringing you the latest product launches, inspiring customer installs, industry-leading advice and helpful blog posts. We've got everything you need to help you plan and pin your next garden project.

    We’re delighted to see our pins are reaching an impressive audience with numerous saves, clicks and re-pins across our range. Want to know what our most popular pins are? Of course, you do!  

    Throughout the summer, we'll give you a sneak peek into our Pinterest Top Artificial Grass Picks as shared by our followers. Since we're starting with July, here's this summers must-have artificial grass ranges...

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  2. How to Fit Artificial Grass to Hard Surfaces

    How to Fit Artificial Grass to Hard Surfaces

    Are you thinking about turning your yard into a garden? Whether you want to create a safe area for your little ones to play or just tiding up a run down patio, artificial grass is the perfect solution. Soft to touch and cushioned underfoot, what more could you want?

    To save money on the installation perhaps… This quick 4-step DIY installation guide has got you covered!


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  3. Fitting Fake Grass to Decking

    Fake Grass

    Is your decking starting to look a little tired? Has it become a hoarder of green moss? Or perhaps your mobility means you’re cautious of slipping? Whatever the reason, if you fancy a change and are considering fitting fake grass to your decking then this handy guide will help you through the process.

    With just 4 easy to follow steps, you can fit artificial grass to your decking, completely transforming your space.

    1. Prepare your decking, removing any furniture or dirt
    2. Choose underlay (Optional)
    3. Choose your artificial grass
    4. Fit fake grass to decking using fitting methods such as nailing/stapling

    That’s the brief version, but in this blog we’ll go into more detail on each of these steps.

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