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Evergreens are an essential part of any garden, especially during the winter months when outdoor spaces can often look a little threadbare and gloomy. Evergreen shrubs add a dash of colour and can keep your gardens looking wonderful all year round. 

Available in different shades of green, purple and golden tones and variegated, evergreens are not only beautiful in their own right, but can provide the ideal background for bigger and brighter, blossoming plants and flowers. 

Evergreen shrubs aren’t just for use to show off prettier plants; however, they are ideal for landscaping purposes, as they can be used to line and frame pathways and specific areas. They even grow well in tricky areas and plant pots, so they really are a versatile tool in your planting arsenal. 

We have put together a guide on our favourite evergreen shrubs that offer year-round colour for your outdoor space, ensuring you can get the most out of your garden, no matter the season. 


Boxwood shrubs

Most commonly known for being used for topiary shaping, boxwood shrubs and their bright green leaves add consistent colour throughout the year. You can use them to create small hedges as part of a landscape design or keep in pots and add height to your garden. 


If you have a sunny spot, then the green and yellow stripy effect of a yucca plant can be a charming addition to your garden. Although it can bloom in spring/summer, it is the bright leaves that really stand out in winter, giving your outdoor space a summery feel. Just make sure you plant in a larger spot, as they can grow quite wide and tall. 


Often confused with rhododendrons, which although similar, are not evergreen, the azalea is a wonderful year-round shrub to grace your garden. Their flowers can come in a variety of colours including yellow through to magenta and purples, so they truly can add colour throughout the seasons! They flourish best in acidic soil, if you do not have this soil type, then it can grow quite easily in pots. Add to shady spots to give your darker areas a boost. 


Known for its beautiful and colourful variegated leaves, euonymus and particularly the golden variety, are a bold choice to add to your garden. It is easy to grow and requires minimal maintenance, so if you are looking for year-round colour, this would be a perfect addition to your outdoors. 


If you are looking to add some blue to your garden in the spring, but keep some colour during the colder months, then ceanothus is ideal. The clusters of blue flowers against the evergreen leaves are particularly lovely for late spring/early summer and they offer a beautiful green during winter. However, they do require well-drained soil and protection from the wind, so a sunny sheltered position is best.  

Bay trees

If you are looking for an evergreen that is not just beautiful but is also useful, then bay trees are ideal. You can use the leaves in cooking to create aromatic dishes or make bay bunches to create a wonderful scent in your home. Perfect for pots to frame your doorways, they like sunny, yet sheltered spots. 


Skimmia are an ideal flower bed filler thanks to their evergreen nature. In spring you can expect a fragrant show of white/green flowers that can give way to red or white berries on the female plant. Plant near a male to get the required cross pollination. They can survive in almost any soil but don’t plant in direct sunlight.  


An evergreen shrub that produces late winter/early spring flowers, camellias are a fantastic addition to your garden if you have acidic soil and you are looking for some early colour. They have lovely pink, reds and whites that bloom early in the season and if you are short on space, they also grow really well in containers.  


If you get a bit bored with the never-ending garden monotony of winter, then daphnes are the shrubs for you. They bloom in the late winter with small clusters of pink/red/white/green flowers that are well known for their strong scent. Make sure you purchase an evergreen variety, as some can also be deciduous. 


An underrated evergreen, winter flowering heather is the perfect shrub to plant for colour in the winter. Their bell-shaped flowers come in bright shades of pink and are bee friendly. Especially during the colder months. 


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